Reefapalooza, Vendor Spotlights

Jun 16, 2007
Hello all,
Since this is the first local event in a few years I thought I would jump in and create a post where some of the local vendors that work within the industry can promote and invite others to see their offerings at the show. (Please note if this is a violation of the rules just let me know and we can lock this down.)
I know some here are vendors while others may be local stores.
For those that are in the SCMAS club now that I do sales for CoralVue Industries. We have supported this event and the club now for years in many ways. This year I would like to invite all to our booth as we are doing a very nice HYDROS demonstration of our controllers and monitors. We will have Carlos and Connor from our support team as well as David, one of the owners. We can show and teach all people that stop by the booth how simple the interface is to use and durability of the construction in a harsh saltwater envirnmnet. We will be showing some of the latest offerings of Fauna Marin, Maxspect, Kamoer and more. Hopefully we will have some nice swag to give away to some as well.
I am looking forward to seeing many of the club members that I have not seen in a while and my old reefing friends that I have met thru the 10 plus years fo doing these shows. Thanks and see everyone next week.
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