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i saw your comment that you have lots of things to trade... your close by so i was wondering if you have things for sale... looking for mini-colonies or large frags
Interested in buying an anemone. Do you have any more available.
I sold them all out to make room for a different species of nem, so no more RBTA :(
Hi I'll take the brain. I can venmo you now. Would it be possible to meet in between? I live in Santa ana
is this still available

Meteor Shower Cyphastrea mother colony $120 OBO (APPROX 7 inches length and 4 inches width)

Super large and rock is about 8-10 inches in length (Bring a big bucket)
Looking to move and make space so make me an offer OR TRADE!

Extremely large piece for large display tank!
I would take all the shrooms and nems and half the fish. let me know what u have left and I will come get it