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i'll take JF flame, pink Cadillac, tyree hellfire and vivid rainbow
I can paypal you and can pickup tomorrow since will be there in Irvine for church.
hmu text ill be needing to get this in a few weeks as im picking up a tank this sunday. My number is 909-684-2505, James.
So i have decided to get my 7 year old son a Fluval Sea Evo Nano tank. I jsut ordered it with a Fluval Sea mini Protein skimmer, a heater and Hydor Koralia power head. Should i use live rock from my current SW tank that ive had up running for almost a year or buy new live rock from LFS? Also, should i let it cycle for about a month before adding anything? I will by live sand from LFS also. Any suggestions would be great. Its our first nano tank. We are gonna go slow and eventually add two clown fish and coral. Any suggestions about coral? Thanks
Hey fellow reefers! I'm so excited to be a part of this hobby! I know many mistakes are going to be made but I know I'm part of the greatest community to make this journey worth it! Reef on my friends! (Sorry I'm new to the lingo but want to sound pro!)
What up Allen! Just seeing if the polyps are ready for shipping or if they need more time to heal. Your inbox is full again.
i'll take the large acro colony and the sunset milli. Your Inbox is full, PM ME
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