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    Tank breakdown free livestock

    92 miles from LAX …. 😶
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    Clear for life 100g all in one tank $130

    Great price! Wish I found this a few weeks ago lol. Good luck with sale!
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    Ps5 disc edition. Sold

    I tried since release. No luck. And your asking price is decent compared to what others are asking - but personally I don’t see paying more then retail so for me I’ll just wait until they are readily available. But for those who really really want one, a $150 mark to get it now instead of next...
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    Price? Location?
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    Rusty carbon?

    Not sure if this is relevant but cheato grow and some trace elements have iron in them. Possiable the carbon is removing these trace elements? Causing them to concentrate on the carbon thus causing rust? not sure if that’s a thing lol but grasping for straws here lol.
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    Want some input on my water parameters

    I would bring magnesium up to around 1350- Po4 - is slightly high but not crazy high but everything else looks ok to me.
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    Harlequin Shrimp - Free - Tarzana

    Man wish you weren’t so far away lol. I need One right now lol
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    Free 55gal?

    My pleasure, it was great meeting you guys. Take care a good luck with everything
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    Frag pack sale

    Great seller! Buy with confidence - if your get some frags from Sorin- remind him I still want his gem tang 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    Free 55gal?

    Tank is spoken for- it’s a done deal lol.
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    T5 Hybrid opinions

    congrats man! Post photos when your get it
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    Free 55gal?

    Sure. I’ll send Pm
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    T5 Hybrid opinions

    I run the aquatic life - I personally love it. The Giesemann are more $ but i think the fixture looks better and maybe even better quality. But both should get the job done.
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    Free 55gal?

    Gardena 90247 it would make a great qt tank
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    Free 55gal?

    Not sure exact gallons. I’m guessing 55- 18” deep, 18” tall and 48” long- no cracks- but won’t hold water until Re-sealed. the silicone on the corners was removed. Needs new silicon. Tank is a bit dirty at the moment but it’s free lol. free if anyone interested. Trades welcome as I love frags...