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    WWC AIO’s

    Great seller, amazing price. My frag is already open. Thanks!
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    WTB Spongebob Zoas

    Looking for a frag of Spongebob Zoas, preferably located in Orange County. Please PM me if you have any. Thanks!
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    WYSIWYG Frags F/S- Zoas and Softies

    Awesome seller, nice meeting you Ed.
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    F/S: Corals

    Great seller, everything looks super healthy. Thanks !
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    Sicce Syncra Silent 3.0 - $80

    Sold, mods pls close. Thx
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    Sicce Syncra Silent 3.0 - $80

    Sicce Syncra Silent 3.0 (714 gph) - $80 Only used for a month. Got a DC pump for Christmas so I have no need anymore. Comes in original box with all manuals and accessories. Pickup 92683 Thanks.
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    WTB SpongeBob Zoa or High End Clove Polyps in OC

    Hi, Looking for some frags of Spongebob Zoa and Papaya/Fireworks Clove Polyps. Don't have a lot to spend so only looking for 2-3 Polyps frags around Fountain Valley area. Thanks
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    Looking for LFS that sales Chiton.

    Anyone ever seen a LFS sell chiton in OC/LA area? I can only find them online.
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    2part dosing how much can I dose at once?

    I have a Nuvo Fusion 20, how much 2part can I dose at once before it becomes a PH issue? I'm having to dose 5ml a day, wondering if I can do it at once or spread it out throughout the day? Same question with Magnesium dosing. Thanks.
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    220 Gallons Delivered today 72x30x24

    **** that's a niceeee tank.
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    Looking for Nano Conch Snails

    Trying to find some nano Conch snails (strombus maculatus) preferably close to Orange County. If anyone has a lead on where I can get some please send me a PM! Thx!
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    Zoas and Palys sale !!!

    Good seller, nice clean display tank. Zoa color's are amazing. Thx again.
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    New build any suggestion?

    The AIO is your cheapest option. If you get the nuvo black, I would get the Seachem HOB filter instead of the AC50 since the Seachem filter will also surface skim. Another option is nuvo black but drill the tank and install overflow, but you would also need to run a sump. Cost a bit more but...
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    Orange Florida Rics fs

    PM sent
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    Misc Corals

    PM sent on the VDM. Thx!