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    Custom Canopy for RedSea 525XL

    I have this one custom made (nicely wrapped) a few months ago but decided i don't need it anymore. It's real wood and great quality. Letting go for $80. Local pick up only 92618.
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    tank raised zoas, acros, frogspawn, leather for sale.. Irvine pickup

    bump! some of the acros frags have been healing for two weeks ready to go!
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    Hello, my name is Aidan

    Welcome Aidan!! Enjoy the journey and looking forward to seeing some updates!
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    tank raised zoas, acros, frogspawn, leather for sale.. Irvine pickup

    Hey fellow reefers! I've got some frags ready to go. Prices are indicated on the pictures. I hated buying corals from online where the photos are extremely edited, only to be disappointed with the actual shipment.. All my photos are taken directly on my camera without post edit. Feel free to DM...
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    Letting go of some FIRE

    Love your photography! Good luck with the sale
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    FS: Moving next week - frags priced to sell

    Good luck with the move Adrian!
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    How do you guys clean your sandbed?

    If you have a lot of fish, you will need to siphon out the poop regularly. If you don't have a lot of fish, fighting conch and other snails can take care of mostly the algae on the sand bed and keep it clean
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    WWC OG bounce 2000$

    beautiful piece! How long did it take it to grow to this big?
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    Breakthrough in Reefing

    Damn it. Trade secrets shouldn't be shared like this
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    I will QT your fish

    sure! How do i get the fish to you in the first place?
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    Lots of Zoa Frags for Sale!

    great prices and good looking zoas!
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    Brs acquired Marine Depot

    Wonder how much it cost them
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    Blue steam yellow eyes Goniopora

    wow! I paid $90 for these a while ago from a store. Crazy goni!!!
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    Custom acrylic top suggestions?

    I would try going to a LFS and ask if they know people that can design it for you! But have you thought about an LED replacement for your bio cube? I have Steve's LED so I get to have more powerful light but keep the same lid.