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    Sicce Syncra Silent 3.0 - $80

    Sicce Syncra Silent 3.0 (714 gph) - $80 Only used for a month. Got a DC pump for Christmas so I have no need anymore. Comes in original box with all manuals and accessories. Pickup 92683 Thanks.
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    WTB SpongeBob Zoa or High End Clove Polyps in OC

    Hi, Looking for some frags of Spongebob Zoa and Papaya/Fireworks Clove Polyps. Don't have a lot to spend so only looking for 2-3 Polyps frags around Fountain Valley area. Thanks
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    Looking for LFS that sales Chiton.

    Anyone ever seen a LFS sell chiton in OC/LA area? I can only find them online.
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    2part dosing how much can I dose at once?

    I have a Nuvo Fusion 20, how much 2part can I dose at once before it becomes a PH issue? I'm having to dose 5ml a day, wondering if I can do it at once or spread it out throughout the day? Same question with Magnesium dosing. Thanks.
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    Looking for Nano Conch Snails

    Trying to find some nano Conch snails (strombus maculatus) preferably close to Orange County. If anyone has a lead on where I can get some please send me a PM! Thx!
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    Purple Dottytback @ Seaside

    Been trying to find this fish for a while in my area, Seaside Aquatics got like 5 in today. Picked up one for myself. Not sure if anyone else are in the same boat, thought I share.
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    What do you guys put in your media basket? IM Nuvo 20

    I have a IM Nuvo 20. I've been reading around, people say don't use sponge it's a nitrate factory, don't use carbon zoas don't like it, don't use bio media your sand and live rock is enough. So what exactly do people put back there? LoL
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    New to dosing, general questions.

    My tank info. 16 Gallons water volume Mag 1390 Calc 485 Alk 8.3 My calc is good but I'm trying to get my Alk to 9 using B-ionic 2 part. I'm not sure how much to dose. I use marine depot and it says i need to dose 13.9 ml but if i use other reef time chemistry calculator it says 21.6 ml. And...
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    Carbon dosing and refugium

    Hi guys, is anyone here running a refugium while carbon dosing? I've been doing some reading some people saying that carbon dosing will kill off your chaeto. I'm trying to figure out if there's a happy medium some where, would like to try to keep the refugium for the pods.
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    Red Zoas not showing up red under LED lighting

    Hi, I'm new to the hobby. I can't seem to get my red zoa's to show up red with my setup. They show up as a bright orange color. I'm currently running the coralbox moon led system. I tried adjusting all the settings but anything I do just make them glow brighter, not change the color. Is...