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    Free 60 gallon water mixing barrel.

    Free 60 gallon water mixing barrel. I does not have a lid. Pick up in Anaheim near Euclid and La Palma. I have float valves and a RODI available cheap as well.
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    Large Catus frag for sale or trade

    I have a very large catus that I am trimming as it is encroaching our front gate/entry way. I have a piece about 4 ft long available for sale at $40 or trade. Open to fish, corals and CUC in trade. I can frag a few more peices, bigger or smaller. Parent at 12' . 4' Frag If interested I have...
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    FS/FT 5 UPS battery backups.

    I have 5 UPS battery backups available for for sale for $10 - 20.00 or trade for CUC, small fish or frags. All 5 need new batteries which are easily replaced. I will even get new batteries and replace them for the cost of the battery and $5.00 if you prefer. 3 are 500VAs, one 750VA and one...
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    EuroReef Skimmer

    EuroReef Skimmer. Old school skimmer that works great. This one is set up for a Sedra 5000, 9000 or both depending on your bio load.. Combine it with a modern needle wheel pump for a skimmer as good as any for a fraction of the price. These are set it and forget it skimmers. 8" diameter body...
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    Led refugium light

    Red and blue LED grow light. Excellent for plants and aquarium refugiums. I grew cheeto and mangroves under it and they did great. I switched to a larger light as the mangroves grew too big. $25.00
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    Free jugs

    Free 5 gallon water jugs in Anaheim. See photo. No Cap for the new kent dosing container. I would replace to outlet with a John Quest bulkhead.
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    Pr clown fish

    I have a pair of beautiful clown fish for sale in Anaheim. I aquired them from another hobbiest with some other fish I bought 2 weeks ago, all of which are very healthy. I really don't have a good place to keep them. I am afraid to add them to my display, as my existing pair will probably kill...
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    Free 72 Inch Coralife Aqualight Pro Retrofit Kit

    I have a new, 72 Inch Coralife Aqualight Pro Retrofit Kit 3x150W HQI Lamp + 4x96W CF Lamps Sq. Pin + 4x1W LED moonlights. New in box Missing ballasts, light scratches from broken bulbs, No bulbs untested. Us it as is, tear it apart for parts or just use the reflectors, it's Up to you. Free for...
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    FS rainbow BTAs in Anaheim

    I have 4 rainbow BTAs for sale ranging in size from 3-6” available for $50 each. Pick up near Euclid and La Palma. I have never been able to get photos that show their true colors. I also have a fair bit of nice fully cured live rock available for $3 a pound. Rubble rock $1 a pound. Txt...
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    Tunze wave boxs

    Tunze wave boxs I have a Tunze nano wave box in excellent condition for $200.00 pick up in west Anaheim or shipped for $210. Produces a nice wave in rectangular tanks to at least 60 gallons. Is works on cube tanks but not as well. See photos I also have a older style full size Tunze wave box...
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    Two 100 gallon water storage containers FS

    FS Tall 100 gallon water storage container. It is 5 feet tall and a 2 feet across for Includes large bulkhead, reducer, 1" union ball valve, hose barb and float valve for $110. Located in West Anaheim 92801 I also have a 100 gallon low rectangular water storage container as used by many mobile...
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    Wanted sea swirl multi swirl

    Wanted sea swirl multi swirl.
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    FS/ft Calcium Chloride

    I have 99% pure Calcium Chloride peletts perfect for dosing Randys 2 part or 3 part. Calcium chloride buy as little as 2 pounds for only $10.00 or 50 pounds for $45, that's less then $1.00 a pound. Perfect for two or three part dosing. Compare And save. Pick up in west Anaheim or at most SCMAS...
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    WTB/WTT 20" wide Tank or sump

    WTB 20" wide X 48, 60, 72, 84 or 96" long tank or sump. I have lots of equiptment to trade. Lights, skimmers, Pumps Email for a list.
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    SCMAS/Marine Depot Sidewalk Sale - It's Baaaack!

    SCMAS/Marine Depot Sidewalk Sale - It's Baaaack! In a troubling Economy, Reefers need a break! Here is your chance to save a good chunk of change on products that you may be looking for. Everything from the previous sales is gone. I all items in this sale were not in the previous sales. There...
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    2001 Aprilia 650 Pegaso with saddle bags

    2001 Aprilia 650 Pegaso with saddle bags $3950.00 OBO. Runs great, new battery, almost new tires, stock and European (pictured) front blinkers, currently being ridden daily approximately 40,000 miles. This is a great motorcycle for running around town, crusing the freeway, or even some Duel...
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    FS/FT new JBJ 28 Gallon Nano Cube HQI & stand SO CA

    I have a brand new, still in the boxes JBJ 28 Gallon HQI Nano Cube and matching Cabinet/Stand for sale in Irvine CA. The retail for just under $780.00 plus sales tax and shipping from Marine Depot. Items number JB I will sell it for $700.00 cash or $710. paypal. for $750. I will also include...