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    Everything Must Go Frag Tank Breakdown

    Trying to get rid of everything before moving back to the east coast. Trying to get rid of livestock first if I can’t find a buyer for the whole setup. I have lots of valuable corals including: Updated livestock list: Gold, peach, orange hammers 20 per head Green and green/purple hammers 10 per...
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    Looking for Frag Tank

    Looking for a 4-5 foot frag tank. Please let me know what you have. Thanks!
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    Corals FCFS

    Prices on pics. Located in Pacific Beach in San Diego. No holds.
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    Is this a hobbit bounce?

    It looks like I got a wild hobbit?
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    Maxspect Gyres

    All working before i broke down my tank a few months ago. Some of them were only used for 4 months. Take them all for $600 2 xf-250 with a controller 1 xf-250 with a controller 1 xf-230 with a controller 2 xf 330 with a controller
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    Eclectus Mushroom $250

    Eclectus mushies $250 each. Located in Pacific Beach. Going up to LA this weekend.
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    Yellow and Blue Hippo Tangs

    Blue tang about 2 inches $65 Yellow Tang about 2 inches $90 They had 14 days copper treatment with 2 rounds of metroplex and about a week in observation tank eating seaweed and frozen mysis soaked in selcon. Located in San Diego but can meet in LA on sunday
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    6 head Gold torch colony for $480

    Sold please close
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    Nice Torches and Hammers

    Located in Pacific Beach. I may be able to meet in OC or LA
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    Lots of corals

    Trying to clear out my tank. Located in Pacific Beach 92109. Acro frags without prices on pics are $25 each
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    Chiller, Sump, Elite 200-INT Skimmer, 5ft Fixture

    elite 200int reef octopus skimmer $350 61" X18 T5 HO Non-Dimmable 4-Lamp Hybrid Mounting System Fixture - Aquatic Life (with 2 week old t5 bulbs) $200 1/2 hp eco plus chiller $450 trigger systems 39 amethyst purple sump $350 zen reefs mushroom box $40 2 gyre interface modules for 130 Never used...
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    Established Gem Tang and Birds Wrasse

    Gem Tang 5-6 inches - $700 lived in tank year and a half Birds wrasse - $40 Located in Pacific Beach
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    Indo gold torches

    I have 3 indo gold double heads $200 each. Located in SD.
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    Indo Gold torch colony

    6 head colony $800
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    Rhodactis Mushroom Colonies

    Located in PB. Prices on pics
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    NY Knicks Torches

    Knicks Torches 150 per head
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    Some More Indo Gold Torches

    I have a splitting single $160 that’s pretty thicc and a hellfire double $260 for sale. The double won’t be available til this weekend.
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    Hellfire torch double

    I have a hellfire double for $260