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    hi bạn tn g vậy ?, Mnh tn l thượng, mnh qu ở quảng bnh, hiện mnh đang sống ở sc trăng hiện tại mnh41

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    Can you shoot me a txt? I will send you a picture that way. (301) 642-8001 (its an east coast #). Im trying to sell it for $180.
    hey chk30, your inbox is full. but yes i still have the clarkii. pm me and i will send you my number
    Shipping is going to be expensive. might be 50-60
    is that going to be cool for you?
    I also have a friend that goes down there almost every weekend and if you help me tip him, $30 I can have you met him in Westminster at some restuarant that he will be at.
    text me
    I would be at cerritos and downey on sunday, i can definitly get you a piece of it as well. my kids are going to disney with my nieces so i am going to be droppin them off at cerritos (maybe around noon and picking them up in night around 9:30pm.) the frogspawn donation would be great. thanks.
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