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  • Thanks Hyren, If this week is not good, I can wait until next week. I am more interested in looking for fish buddy than free stuff :-)
    Thank you Hyren, do you have a favorite fish store that you go to get stuff from like where did you buy the sand.
    I will arrange my time and come see you this Saturday. What time is good for you? I am 18 minutes away from you
    Hi, what is your name?
    Since you are a senior member, I guess you know about fish and aquarium. I'd like to ask you a few questions. What kind of sand do you use for your aquarium? Do you use crushed coral or just white sand or no sand at all? I am moving from a 6 to 12 gal nano cube and I plan to get some sand and live rock to the new tank first. I will then move the rocks from the small tank over and will not bother the old sand because I know a lot of crap is in there. I think if I scoop that up, I am bring dirty stuff over, not the helpful bacteria. Am I wrong about that?
    thank you
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