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    Wwc OG Bounce F/S

    $300 about quarter size fully open I will be in Pasadena October 17th 1st pic is what you will be buying. 2nd pick mom
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    Rose bubble tip AnemoneF/S

    Rose bubble tip nem f/s $100 here’s pics of the mom
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    Colorado sunburst

    Can Anyone one ID this. You guys thinks is a COlorado sunburst
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    Wwc OG for sale

    Wwc OG for sale nickel size I will be in Lakewood this weekend at 830am if anyone interested $200 here’s my number 6614779076
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    Taylor Swift tickets

    I have 2 Taylor Swift tickets for sale SoFi stadium. $550 for both.
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    Frankenstein bounce fs

    Pic of 50 cent size of Frankenstein bounce for sale 2nd pic of mom 750 for the 50cent piece
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    Frankenstein Bounce fs

    Selling a Frankenstein bounce size about a 50cent piece opened $750 Not the best pick can try to get better pic mother right underneath
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    F/S Equipment Lightly used

    Cascade 700 canister filter $70 and a eshopps nano skimmer for sale $70 used for 6months
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    Fs Frankenstein bounce

    FS nickel size to quarter size Frankenstein bounce $450
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    Zoa colonies f/s,RR pink diamonds and BoB Marleys

    Helping a friend out he’s selling 200+Bob Marley Zoas $600, RR pink diamonds with some Rastas 200+ Zoas $600 his name is David here’s his number +1 (949) 394-7864.
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    FS Frankenstein bounce

    Frankenstein bounce for sale $400 I will be in LongBeach this Saturday Shoot me a text 6614779076 I also have a pic of the mom
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    Zoa id please

    Zoas Id
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    WTB gold octospawn

    WTB gold octospawn or work out a trade for one
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    OG bounce for sale

    For sale OG Bounce 7k
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    OG bounce

    Anyone know how much this would go for
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    Wtt bubble tip nem for gold frogspawn

    Wtt bubble tip nem for gold frogspawn Will be in Irvine and longbeach this Saturday Text me if interested 6614779076
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    Wtt tyree toadstool frag

    Wtt trade tyree toadstool frag for Millie's or sps I will be craving soon and. I will be in Long Beach in a couple months let me know if interested
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    WTT Banana LoKani or Red Dragon

    WTT banana lokani frag or red dragon frag for Oregon tort or cali tort
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    Fs Dodger vs Giants 4 tickets

    Dodger vs Giants this Friday 4 tickets $150 for all 4 pick up tickets in Irvine seats 21. To 24
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    Zoa ID

    Any one know what zoa this is