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  1. BST310

    Green Sinularia & Zoa Rocks

    Couple of pieces not making the cut on the transfer to my new tank. Fairly large green sinularia, I’d say 10-12” tall x 4/5” wide. Just the regular green but still nice. $40 Zoa rocks with a little pulsing Xenia. Great to fill space so your not looking at empty tank when you first start...
  2. BST310

    WTB: AI Prime Fuge

    Looking for a prime Fuge in the Southbay / OC. Thanks, Ben
  3. BST310

    BRS $10 Off Coupons

    Use these before I spend anymore money ... Happy Holidays everyone!
  4. BST310

    Acceptable Regular Temp Swing

    I recently set-up a Inkbird ITC308 ... maybe I ordered the wrong model? Anyhow it become apparent that it allows for full degree in temp swing before it kicks the heater on. It seems I can’t program it to turn on any sooner like say within a half degree. I have it set at 78 and the low at 77...
  5. BST310

    Nuvo 30L EXT Build

    Lets try this again, what an idiot! Now that I'm about a week or so out from filling this up it's time for a new build thread. Preface this build .... (Feel free to skip this probably a bit longwinded :ROFLMAO:) I still feel like a total beginner to this 2 years in and felt like I have always...
  6. BST310

    Not for sale ...

  7. BST310

    Looking For: Trigger Systems Crystal 30

    Looking for a trigger systems crystal 30.
  8. BST310

    WTB: Tropic Marin All-For-Reef

    I see BRS has it in stock but was hoping to pick some up locally a little sooner. Has anyone seen it at their LFS or have a bottle laying around? Thanks, Ben
  9. BST310

    Vectra M1, 48” T5 Hybrid, Reef Octo Skim, Etc.

    Let me know if you have questions. Feel free to text me (310) 227-6533 open to trades looking for: Single Head dosing pump, IM 25 / 50 Lagoon, IM Nuvo 40, other similar sized tanks, nano skimmers Vectra M1: $150 - Pump works fine on all speeds but won’t go into feed mode or the other modes...
  10. BST310

    RS Reefer Cabinet Cam Lock

    Purchased a used RS 350 and while test filling for leaks noticed some spots where the stand was loosening up mostly near the base. Low and behold the PO was missing like 6 cam locks on the bottom of the stand, glad I checked. Anyone have a line on these or know what size they are? Trying to...
  11. BST310

    Caribsea Liferock Branches New & BRS Reactor

    Left over from a new build, 6 branches in total roughly 12-15lbs total. Open to trades looking for the below items. - 300 Watt heater Or a couple 150 Watt heaters -aquatic life hybrid hanging kit - small refugium light -LPS -Euphyllia
  12. BST310

    Plumbing Supplies Local

    Anyone know where to source plumbing supplies locally in SoCal, OC, IE? I know I can get stuff online but curious if there was a local source.
  13. BST310

    WTB: Reef Octo Varios 6 or 8

    Looking for a Varios pump
  14. BST310

    WTT: Lightning Maroon Clowns

    Long story short broke down a larger tank and set up a smaller one specifically for these clowns as I wasn’t having luck selling them after the break down. For some odd reason once moved into the new tank after a few days the bigger what I thought was dominant female started beating up the...
  15. BST310

    WTB: IM Media Basket & Spin Stream Nozzle

    Close thread found what I needed.
  16. BST310

    WTB AIO Tank: 20/30 Gallon Range

    Looking for an AIO tank and stand. IM, JBJ, Aquatop Looking for something less than 30” long
  17. BST310

    UPDATED Tank Breakdown (Tank/Stand, Gyre, Reef Octo)

    Everything is in working order and in good condition. I cleaned all pumps in a vinegar bath overnight. Open to offers and I will update the list as things are pending sale. Feel free to call or text ( 3 1 0 ) 227 - 6533 Thanks, Ben 50g Corner Tank (Acrylic), Stand, DIY 10 Gallon Sump: $100 (24...
  18. BST310

    Lightning Maroon Clownfish Pair (Bonded)

    Feel free to text me (3 1 0) 227 - 6533 Price drop Clownfish Pair Available: $50
  19. BST310

    WTB: Hannah Copper Checker

    Looking for a hannah high range copper checker
  20. BST310

    50G Corner Build

    Now that I figured things out a bit I thought it was time to stop being a lurker. :ROFLMAO: After doing what I thought was tons of research (boy was I wrong) I picked up this acrylic 45/50g corner pentagon style tank. Took it home learned to buff acrylic and re stained the stand to match my...