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  1. esther

    $10 Bags of Mixed Macro Algae

    Need to trim refugium back. Probably 5 bags worth. Text me if you're interested. Pick up in 90802. 310-699-3-three-six-five
  2. esther

    WTB Mushrooms (bounce & jawbreaker)

    Looking for a bounce & jawbreaker mushroom. Don't want to pay a million dollars for one. Just looking for a teeny one or one to rehab, etc. to see if I can grow it out. Thanks in advance!
  3. esther

    $200 - 12" x 8" Green Bubble Coral : For Sale

    Our bubble coral continues to grow and grow and grow. $200 I don't want to frag it. It's a beautiful coral.
  4. esther

    FREE Corals - Must Pickup Today

    Need to make some room in the tank. I have a rock of Pandora Zoas (20+ polyps), a rock of Nirvana Zoas (20+ polyps) and a smaller piece of rock with Nirvana Zoa's (3-4 polyps). I also have a 3"x3" piece of GSP. DM me if you're interested. Pick up is in Long Beach, CA 90802. First Come, First...
  5. esther

    Sunday LFS Recs?

    Hey there! Looking to go visit a couple of places today to go buy some corals. We're in Long Beach, so anywhere in LA or Orange county works. Thanks in advance!
  6. esther

    $100 AIO 10g Cycled Tank with Pod Filled Marine Pure Blocks and Pumping Xenia

    Used tank for about 6 months. Tank is fully cycled. Contains 20+ Pod filled Marine Pure blocks with a ton of pumping Xenia. Tank comes with heater and integrated HOB filter. Will also include additional pump for flow. DM me if interested. Pick up in Downtown Long Beach.
  7. esther

    Free 2" Purple Gorgonian Frags - Or Cut to Order with Trade

    I'll be trimming back our purple gorgonian this weekend. We were gifted this by @Untico, so I want to make sure we pay it forward. Frags won't be on a frag plug. DM me if you're interested in a piece. Also, if you want a bigger piece, I'll cut to order if you have something to trade. Pick up in...
  8. esther

    LF Nyos Torq 2.0 Plastic Body Tube

    Just looking for the plastic cylinder body. Anyone out there have a spare they want to get rid of?
  9. esther

    $10 Frags to Order - Pickup in Downtown Long Beach

    Will cut the following to order. Pics of mother colonies below. • Neon Green Sinularia : 2" piece • Red Monticap : 2" piece • Purple Gorgonian - 2" piece • Mystic Sunset Monti : Encrusted 2" piece of rubble rock • Nirvana Zoas : 5+ Polyps • Pandora Zoas : 5+ Polyps • Green Palys : 5+ Polyps
  10. esther

    $20 Chaeto & $25 Premium Fish/Coral Food for Sale

    Will only have a limited number to sell this Sunday, so first come, first served. Send me a DM if you're interested. Will be trimming back our refugium (chaeto & red ogo) and making a large batch of fish food. $25/bag for either. Pick up in Downtown Long Beach. Here's what's in the food:
  11. esther

    Who’s Got Gorgonians For Sale??

    Anyone out there have any Gorgonians for sale? Preferably anything other than purple. Thanks in advance!
  12. esther

    1.5" Forest Fire Digitata for Trade

    My loss is your gain. Broke a piece off when cleaning. First picture is with my Nikon before I "fragged" it. Second pic is from this morning with my iPhone. DM me with what you got as a trade. Located in 90802.
  13. esther

    Corals for Trade - Located in Long Beach

    Looking to trade for some corals. I have the following. They're all about 1-2" pieces. • Neon Green Sinularia • Red Cap Monti • Pumping Xenia DM if interested and let me know what you got. Pics of Mother colonies.
  14. esther

    Cut to Order Neon Green Nepthea Leather - Staring at $10 (open to trade, too)!

    $10 per inch. Will be cutting today/tomorrow and they'll be ready next weekend. Pick up in Long Beach 90802. If interested, please send DM. Will only be cutting a limited number of pieces. Thanks for looking and have a great Sunday! Mother Colony
  15. esther

    WTB Rainbow Acan, Rainbow Chalice, Space Invader

    Not looking for small frags. PM me with what you got.
  16. esther

    Kessil H80 with Gooseneck Mount $150

    Only used for 2 months. Works perfect. Just needed a bigger light because I expanded refugium.
  17. esther

    WTB Corals in Long Beach

    Specifically looking for acans and sun coral.... Or if you have any other frags, smaller pieces you're looking to get rid of. Post pics & price. Thanks in advance!
  18. esther

    Best LFS's to Visit Today - (SoCal/LA Area)

    Any recommendations on stores that are a MUST VISIT today? My husband and I just want to drive around to a couple of stores to check out for fun. We're good with anywhere from the Valley to South OC. Thanks in advance!
  19. esther

    Need Your Recs on Some Stuff for my 220g Mixed Reef

    I'm planning on purchasing the following for my 220g Waterbox mixed reef tank, but would like to know if you guys like the below products or recommend any other products as replacements. Thanks in advance! For Return Pump : Vectra M2 For flow in the tank : Two Vortech MP40WQD For skimmer : Nyos...
  20. esther

    Finally... After 5 years out of the hobby : Waterbox 220.6g Dream Build

    I honestly never thought that we would get back into the hobby... Yet, here we are. All it took was the Waterbox Blue Friday (and my husband being out of town on a business trip) and we're back again. This time we're going to do things A LOT differently. Slow & steady wins the race... Last time...