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    40 Breeder QT and Stand

    Pickup in Hacienda Heights 91745 40 Breeder and Stand Only used for a month and a half for QT. Copper was used so I don't recommend it being used with corals. SOLD
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    FS: Bubble King Mini 160 Skimmer

    Pickup in Hacienda Heights 91745 Selling my Bubble King Mini 160 Skimmer This is the AC version Literally took it offline and cleaned it up today. Swapped it out for a bigger skimmer. It's a few years old but still working like a champ! $350 OBO
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    FS: Acro Colonies

    Located in Hacienda Heights I have two large acro colonies for sale. WYSIWYG. They are maricultured. I've dipped and rebased. These have a lot of potential. You gotta see them in person. The pictures don't do them justice. #1 - $300 #2 - $200
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    FS: Dry Rock

    Got some nice dry rock. Just removed from my Red Sea Reefer 250. Might want to give it an acid bath or something to clean it up. Take it all for $50 Located in Hacienda Heights 91745
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    Nice Anemones

    Need to find these RBTA new homes. 3-4" All sold/pending
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    Tank breakdown Reefer 250

    The time has come to breakdown the Red Sea Reefer 250. Sad to see it go... Locals who have seen this setup know I spent a lot of time and money on this setup. I made it look as clean as possible in order to keep an attached frag tank inside your home without it being an eyesore. Selling tank...
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    FS: Radion XR15 G5 Pro and Accessories

    These are all Brand New and never used. I decided to go a different route with my lights. Pickup in Hacienda Heights 91745 Radion XR15 G5 Pro w/ RMS Slide Bracket - $420 each (2 available) 70.5" RMS Track w/ Hanging Kit - $130 each (2 available) Light...
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    FS: CC Inferno Anemone

    Letting one of my CC Inferno Anemones go. 3-4" when fully opened up. $750 Pickup in Hacienda Heights
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    FS: Nice corals

    Pickup in Hacienda Heights Neptune Bounce $150 Aquacultured Rainbow Nem $75 JF Rainbow Rim Favia $100 JF Dayglo Favia $75 Black Hole Sun Acan $120 (black ring faded a bit) RR Crazy T Monti $75 JF Beach Bum Monti $120 JF Beach Bum Monti $60 JF Halo Monti $60 WWC Superstars 8p...
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    JF Rainbow Rim Favia & LC Psycho Melon Chalice

    All frags are WYSIWYG Local pickup in Hacienda Heights, CA JF Rainbow Rim Favia $50 ea Bigger one is $100 (4x the size of the smaller frags) Colony NFS LC Psycho Melon Chalice $50 ea
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    Indo Gold Torches

    All frags are WYSIWYG Pickup in Hacienda Heights, CA These are brighter than dragon souls. Gold tentacles with neon green tips A. Double fully split: SOLD B. Splitting: SOLD C & E is SOLD D. Single $150 A B C D E
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    Nyos 120 Skimmer

    Nyos 120 Skimmer SOLD Used for about 6 months Too small for my tank so I upgraded Nothing wrong with it and works perfectly Thoroughly cleaned and ready to go!
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    WWC OG Bounce 1.75"

    WWC OG Bounce 1.75" WYSIWYG SOLD
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    4-5" Blue spotted Rabbitfish

    4-5" Blue spotted Rabbitfish needs new home! Eats algae and also munches on zoas. Perfect for an SPS tank! Had him for close to 1 year Pickup in Hacienda Heights $40 OBO
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    FS: Apex Classic Orange Label

    Up for sale is an Apex Classic Orange Label Comes with Brain, EB8, pH probe, temp probe, wifi adapter, and board SOLD Located in Hacienda Heights
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    FS: High end zoas (help me fund my new tank!)

    Selling some high end zoas to help fund my new tank!! Located in Hacienda Heights 1. Princess Oxana 3p - $400 2. BSA Sticker Shocks 2p - $200 3. CB Krak Gods 2p - $150 4. Little Shop of Horror 4p - $500 5. JF Az krak 4p - $400 6. JF Az krak 4p - $400 7. Lime Chili 1p - $75 8. Lime...
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    Euroquatics Angel A1P – 150W

    Hi. I have 2 Euroquatics Angel A1P - 150w LED for sale. I'll include the rail hanging kit and all original retail boxes. Bought them 3 weeks ago. Had them over my tank for maybe a week? Since I'm not an android user, it's just not as user friendly for me that I had hoped. $250 OBO I'll...
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    FS: High End SPS

    All frags have been healed for at least 1 month. Pick up in Hacienda Heights I have bigger pieces of Cherry Bomb also, just PM me. 1. Cherry Bomb - SOLD 2. Cherry Bomb - $80 3. Cherry Bomb - $80 4. Cherry Bomb - $150 5. Cherry Bomb - $180 6. Cherry Bomb - SOLD 7. WWC Heartbreaker -...
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    FS: Rubbermaid 100 gal Stock Tanks

    I have (2) Rubbermaid 100 gal stock tanks for sale. Located in Hacienda Heights, CA $80 each or $150 for both Buyer picks up. I have no way to transport them. One was filled with RO/DI for a few days and the other has never been used. I was going to use them to cure dry rock but my rockscape...
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    FS: Random assortment of coral (mid - high end)

    Located in Hacienda Heights, CA WYSIWYG 1. C2C Hulkbuster Favia - $60 2. Pink Boobies Chalice - $40 3. JF DayGlo Favia - $40 4. UC Blue Raven Blastos - $60 5. JF Beach Bum Monti - $60 6. Yellowish Green Blasto - $50 7. LC Psycho Melon Chalice - $100 8. WWC Looney Tunes Stylo - $80...