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    For sale AI Prime HD

    Selling two lights not the new 16s but the older model that are WiFi and not bluetooth. Each is about a year and a half old. Asking $165 each or $300 together. 92869 Orange
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    For sale torches

    Selling my last four torches I have, getting out of the torch game and I already sold my other high end torches only have these four left. Green Mouth blue tentacles and purple tips $125 Basic purple with green tips $50 Aqua green tentacle and yellow tips (a bit bleached)$125 Teal mouth with...
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    Catalina Goby

    I bought this little dude but I didn't realize it needs cold water 65-75 degrees and I run my tanks much hotter than that. Don't want him to die in my tank so I'm selling for $25. He already eats pretty much everything. 92869 area
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    90 Gallon 48 x 18 x 24

    Have this tank for sale, I have it at Coral Gazers because I dont have space for it at home. The right panel is cracked but everything else is in great condition. The tank is at the store in Tustin but I can take it to my place if you are serious about buying it. Asking $400 but price is negotiable
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    Branching Reverse Frogspawn

    I have two different frogspawn frags available, both are tank raised and have begun to sprout babies on the side of them. There is a two headed one for $110 and a three headed one for $130. 92869
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    Huge Space Invader and Galaxea

    Just saw a massive colony of pectinia (space invader) and a huge galaxia as well as a chunky yellow tang at Exotic Coral and Fish on lincoln in case anyone is looking for either, I know there are some people who like massive colonies
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    Looking for some more hammers

    I'm interested in buying some more hammers for my collection, wall or branching is fine but I do prefer wall more. I attached pictures of what I have so hopefully i get something different to add. Honestly the green one's don't really catch my eye all that much unless they are a pretty bright...
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    Neon Green Toadstool Frags

    Got a bunch of toadstool frags, neon green base. They are all pretty fat and decent size toadstools. Each one is $15 I'm located in 92869
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    Black Widow

    My black widow split so I'm selling on of them for $200 or trading for high end anemones or wall hammers 92869
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    Looking for Used AI 32

    Looking for a AI 32 light. If you're in the OC or close by let me know, need a used one dont need need.
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    Orange Hammer Head

    Orange Hammer 3 heads $350 Pretty big and can be fragged but don't have the tools. 92869
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    WTB Sexy Shrimp

    I'm looking for some sexy shrimps, anyone have any available I'm in 92869
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    QT Fish tank

    I am selling this QT tank, it was used with COPPER as you can see the cupramine bottle, salifert and API ammonia test, and salifert copper test kit. All the test kits are still pretty full as well as the cupramine. It measures 24x12x12. Also comes with some rock to hide, fake plant, and a...
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    Looking for Pink or Gold tip elegance

    Looking for a gold, pink, or purple tip elegance nothing too large under 5 inches would be pretty good. If you're in the 92869 area even better
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    Aussie Gold Torch Colony 5+ heads

    Selling my Aussie Gold Torches. I've had the colony for maybe a year and the heads are forming more and more. There are maybe 5 heads but most are already showing signs of division. The pictures are all of today, I'll add more pictures of it fully open when it gets fluffy again. I'm not looking...
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    WTS Male Target Mandarin

    Male Target Mandarin $25 Got him a couple hours ago, thinking it was a female but my other male started chasing it around the tank. 92869
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    WTB Small OG Bounce

    Looking for a small OG bounce, show me what you have available
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    WTB Pink Nepthea

    Looking to buy a frag of the nice bright pink nepthea, not the Koji wada because I have that one already. I attached a photo below to show what it is I'm looking for. 92869 area or close by please
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    Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity

    Selling my copy of Hyrule Warriors, don't have the box (can't find it) game is in good condition. Selling for $40 or willing to trade for a euphylia 92869 area
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    Aussie Gold Torches

    Came by to Coral Gazers and they have a ton of Aussie gold and what appears to be 24k torches? Just passing this along since I know lots of us are looking for Aussie golds