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  1. Shane_RTTV

    Octospawn (4 heads) FS - $80

    This thing is metallic green and glows. Been a fast grower for me. $80 or trade credit towards a bounce shroom
  2. Shane_RTTV

    Exotic corals

    First off, post ONCE in the correct section. 3 threads repeating the same request is a bad idea as it floods the forum with irrelevant content and makes more homework for the mods… Selling corals is rather straightforward. Here are the steps: 1. photograph your corals 2. Start a new thread in...
  3. Shane_RTTV

    LF: successful clownfish breeder

    They look like booyahs reef picassos to me. Could be bali. Looks more like the ones he was calling Mohawks for awhile to me tho
  4. Shane_RTTV

    Want x-large potter and flame angels

    if he was able to find you a potters of any size, that’s a miracle lol. They do not import them into US anymore, so unless you find someone breaking down a tank and selling their fish, you won’t find one.
  5. Shane_RTTV

    Shot in the dark, LF Potter's Angelfish

    Appreciate that brother!
  6. Shane_RTTV

    Shot in the dark, LF Potter's Angelfish

    I think someone else beat me to it…I was backup buyer and I never heard back from your buddy after last Wednesday
  7. Shane_RTTV

    Shot in the dark, LF Potter's Angelfish

    Have you seen them there in the last couple mounts - since the Hawaii ban? I’m looking for one as well.
  8. Shane_RTTV

    Some coral fs.

    Great seller I would highly recommend! super generous - Thanks again man :)
  9. Shane_RTTV

    Corals FS: Zoas/Palys, chalice, shrooms etc

    10/11 reserved. Everything else available. Willing to negotiate 👌
  10. Shane_RTTV

    Some coral fs.

    I’m picking it up on Friday😈
  11. Shane_RTTV

    Brs acquired Marine Depot

    Ouch. Not surprised tho. Expect to see even more consolidation in the coming days.
  12. Shane_RTTV

    Hawaii Ban Testimonial

    Dmd you thx man!
  13. Shane_RTTV

    Hawaii Ban Testimonial

    I’ve been looking for a potters Angel and none of the 5-6 shops I go to have been able to order them. They have not been on the lists. I think it’s more likely that the US suppliers OVER COLLECTED knowing the ban was coming, and built up a stockpile of yellow tangs etc (knowing the price would...
  14. Shane_RTTV

    AI prime HD black

    Looking for a prime hd in black with gooseneck. Diffusers if available also. Can pickup anywhere within 30 min of chino hills. Thank you
  15. Shane_RTTV

    Corals FS: Zoas/Palys, chalice, shrooms etc

    Bump, open to offers on everything 👍
  16. Shane_RTTV

    Frankenstein and Jawbreaker Mushroom

    You going to coral farmers market tmrs? You’re a lil far from me but I Would be interested if I can pick up there
  17. Shane_RTTV

    Corals FS: Zoas/Palys, chalice, shrooms etc

    Have a few corals for sale. Pickup in Chino Hills or I can meet anyone within a 20 minute drive or so. Prices correspond with numbers below: feel free to make an offer on if you want to take it all. Will also trade for an AI prime in Black. Rainbow infusions zoas 6p - $20 Rainbow infusions 7p -...
  18. Shane_RTTV

    French bulldog pups (2)

    Wow, I have frenchies and this is a great deal for good pups with quality lineage! So nice to see some family raised and not by these big $ breeders tying to hype diluted bloodlines on Instagram. If I didn’t have 4 dogs already I would totally add them to our pack. Frenchies are truly great...