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  1. Shane_RTTV

    Octospawn (4 heads) FS - $80

    This thing is metallic green and glows. Been a fast grower for me. $80 or trade credit towards a bounce shroom
  2. Shane_RTTV

    AI prime HD black

    Looking for a prime hd in black with gooseneck. Diffusers if available also. Can pickup anywhere within 30 min of chino hills. Thank you
  3. Shane_RTTV

    Corals FS: Zoas/Palys, chalice, shrooms etc

    Have a few corals for sale. Pickup in Chino Hills or I can meet anyone within a 20 minute drive or so. Prices correspond with numbers below: feel free to make an offer on if you want to take it all. Will also trade for an AI prime in Black. Rainbow infusions zoas 6p - $20 Rainbow infusions 7p -...
  4. Shane_RTTV

    6-7” Lobo/Symphyllia FOR SALE/TRADE

    This thing has just swelled up way to big for my little cube :/ I got it planning to move it to new tank when I upgraded but looks like the upgrade will have to wait another year. Someone else with space should enjoy this beauty. Asking 200$ or trade for high end mushrooms. Located in chino...
  5. Shane_RTTV

    Saying hi

    Hey guys, been lurking here for a while and bought some corals from some of you guys ;) my name is Shane, I’ve been reeefing since I was 15, I’m 31 now. Had many different tanks from 3g up to 180. At one point when I was living in Colorado I was running 7 tanks at home at once 😂 Obviously got...
  6. Shane_RTTV

    WTB: Bali Picasso Clownfish

    Looking for some Bali Picassos. I used to get them back in 2014-15 from a guy who imported them and shipped from FL. Got back into the hobby last year and have had a hard time tracking some down. if anyone has any Bali p1 or black picasso, or their offspring, please lmk. Looking for any size...
  7. Shane_RTTV

    Problems with mixing BTA’s

    So I once had a Nuvo 30L with 25+ BTAs in there. Many different strains...CSB, Sherman, rainbows, roses, green speckled etc. I always had trouble with my CSBs in that tank, but had one that did fine by myself. I always assumed at the time that they could allBe mixed together because they were at...
  8. Shane_RTTV

    Can you do methylene blue and malachite green in same tank?

    Trying to clean up some fish that have been struggling past couple months. Treated 2 weeks with methylene blue and emptied tank and cleaned it, pvp/filter/heater etc very well. is it okay to now run malachite green in the same tank?
  9. Shane_RTTV

    Nice Green speckled BTAs for $18 @ Seaside

    Went in today and saw these guys on steal. Grabbed a couple but they had quite a few more. Small but nice color and amazing price! Would be nice for someone starting a nem tank. I know they can be expensive to populate these days 😂
  10. Shane_RTTV

    WTB: Potters Angel

    Can anyone still get them? Lost mine a few months ago and would love to replace him if I can.
  11. Shane_RTTV

    Best tangs/fish to control GHA?

    Got a newer system going (about 6 mod) and added some new lights about a month ago. Had an inch outbreak so had to remove all fish to treat. Lost purple tang and hippo still needs some more time in QT. In the meantime, I’ve had a steady GHA outbreak. I’m ready to start looking for some new fish...
  12. Shane_RTTV

    WTB: Convict Tang and Mystery Wrasse

    Looking for a convict on the smaller side (under 4”) Also looking for a smaller mystery wrasse as well I’m in chino hills but will drive up to an hour. Let me know if you have one!