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  1. sharkbait

    Frag tank

    Nice frag tank set up 16”x16”x8”with stand 38” tall advance acrylic very little scratches good condition comes sitting on a butcher block
  2. sharkbait

    Clean up crew .

    WTB clean up crew emeralds and hermits were do you guy buy them from I checked algae barn but the bad no emeralds … thanks in advance
  3. sharkbait

    24” aquatic life hybrid

    24” aquatic life hybrid $175 in white location 92399 also have hanging kit.
  4. sharkbait

    Free 24g jbj

    Free 24g jbj in 92399
  5. sharkbait

    Acrylic rods

    S&w closed down by my me any suggestions on were to get acrylic rods ? Maybe Home Depot?
  6. sharkbait

    Stand 4 sale

    Wood stand 28”wide 46”long40” tall Skeleton is pine exterior birch $75 in Yucaipa doors come off with Magnets I can send more pics if needed 310 913 3782
  7. sharkbait

    WTB small sump

    WTB 20”x20” or smaller sump thanks
  8. sharkbait

    Shallow tank for sale

    Leemar 30”Lx22”Wx12”T non starfire eurobrace some scratches I had set up like a display but can also be used like a frag tank $220 location Yucaipa I can meet up Friday in Anaheim
  9. sharkbait

    WTB ato

    Looking for a auto top off lmk thanks
  10. sharkbait

    WTB ponape birds nest

    Looking for ponape birds nest sps lmk
  11. sharkbait

    Aptasia anyone?

    I’m breaking down a tank and it’s loaded with Aiptasia all over rock maybe too a bergia breeder? Let’s trade
  12. sharkbait

    WTB aquatic life fixture 36”

    Looking for a 36” aquatic life hybrid fixture lmk thanks
  13. sharkbait

    Peninsula 4 sale

    Change my mind gonna different route $300 crystal dynamics tank only location Yucaipa if you want more pics hit me up 310 9133782
  14. sharkbait

    WTB tank

    Looking for a 5’ tank star fire glass rimless little too no scatches lmk thanks 310 913 3782
  15. sharkbait

    WTB pectinia

    WTB frag of rainbow pectinia lps pm me Or text if you have thanks in advance 310 9133782
  16. sharkbait

    Stand maker ?

    Looking for a stand maker wood I can probably make my own but I want it too look nice lol thanks in advance
  17. sharkbait

    WTB peninsula

    Let me know what you got 100 ish gallons thanks in advance
  18. sharkbait

    Xr30 for sale

    Radion xr30 gen3 for sale $250 location 92399 or can meet up on my way to work towards l.a
  19. sharkbait

    Misc frags for trade

    Fuzzy red mushrooms-purple green eye chalice-purple monster zoa -pot of gold favia - war and piece favia cool looking-and juggernaut bounce quarter sized frag
  20. sharkbait

    Aptasia eating file fish

    For trade it clean my tank of aptasia did its job looking a cool frag lps sps no zoas lmk location 92399. It’s 3”