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  1. SKremk

    FS: Koji Wada, orange hammer, etc.

    A few things for sale. Pick up in Redlands (92373). Extra-large Koji Wada Nepthea frag. 3” x 3” x 3”. $80 Smaller Koji Wada Nepthea frag 2.5” tall. $30 Marine Farmers Yellow Stereonephthya (similar to Koji Wada but yellow). Multi-branch, each branch 2-3” $40 Orange hammer coral. 2...
  2. SKremk

    FS: Space invader pectinia frag

    I have a 2" frag that was cut and mounted several weeks ago. Multiple branches and eyes. $50 Curbside pickup in Redlands (92373)
  3. SKremk

    FS: Acan echinata colony

    I'm selling this Acan echinata colony. Orange with green eyes, with streaks of purple and light blue. A little over 6" by 4" with around 85 heads. $150. Curbside pick up in Redlands (92373).
  4. SKremk

    WTB: Radion XR30 sliders for multilight bar

    I'm setting up a new eurobraced tank and want to use my current XR30 G3s on a multilight bar, but I need three slider brackets to hold the lights. Unfortunately, with the new G5s, they have discontinued the older styles. Does anyone have them?
  5. SKremk

    WTB Koji Wada in the IE

    Looking to buy a pink Koji Wada nephthya frag in the IE. Anyone have any?
  6. SKremk

    FS 180 gallon tank, stand, and sump

    Ive decided to sell my tank, stand and sump as part of our move. The tank is a glass 180 gallon standard (6 x 2 x 2). It has a few scratches but is otherwise in good condition. The stand is really nice and well constructed. Its also 44 tall, so the tank sits a little higher than most setups. The...
  7. SKremk

    moving sale

    I finally got my tank looking halfway decent, and now we are moving. Its going to be a long process, and I dont want to risk losing all the corals and fish, so Im taking down the tank. To make things simple, Id like to see all the livestock, rock and fish at once. Its a mixed tank, with mostly...
  8. SKremk

    Harlequin shrimp video

    My Harlequin shrimp came out onto the sand bed this evening, and I caught him with an Asterina. They are cool little guys to watch, very hypnotic movements.
  9. SKremk

    WTB Harlequin shrimp

    My tank is getting overrun with asterinas and I want a Harlequin shrimp to get rid of them. Anyone in the IE have one?
  10. SKremk

    Skremk's 180 gallon tank reborn

    I took down my tank about three weeks ago to start over and I thought Id post some photos of the restart. Id been planning the move for a while, and had bought around 120 pounds of rock in September and had been curing it. Once I took everything out, I let the tank sit for a couple of days, did...
  11. SKremk

    Cool giant clam discovery

    Saw this today. Pretty cool!
  12. SKremk

    FS all livestock from 180

    Im going to redo my 180, so Im selling all my livestock and starting over. Everything is healthy and most of the stuff has been in my tank for several years. Id like to sell it all together, so Im not parting out right now. I plan on restarting the tank, so no equipment is for sale. The...
  13. SKremk

    WTB small frag tank setup

    I'm looking for a small frag tank setup. It needs to be less than 24" by 24", and I prefer AIO, but it can be a drilled tank, tool. I'm in Redlands, so the closer to the IE the better. Let me know what you've got.
  14. SKremk

    FS: LPS, shrooms, palys, and a clam

    I've decided to do a partial take down/redo of my tank and I've got a bunch of nice corals that I don't want to risk, so I'm putting them up for sale. Pickup is in Redlands (92374), or I can meet people from the OC in the Corona area on the weekend, if you buy more than $40 worth of stuff. PM...
  15. SKremk

    FS Harlequin shrimp

    He did his job, and I'm out of asternias, so he needs a new home. Asking $10. Pickup in Redlands (92374). I'm not looking for trades right now.
  16. SKremk

    FS 72" MH fixture and biopellet reactor

    I've got some equipment I don't need any more and I want to get rid of it. Pick-up in Redlands (92374), or I can meet people from the OC in Corona on the weekends. Hamilton 72" fixture with 3 x 250 metal halide and 2 x 80w T5. The ballasts are Lumitek adjustable ballasts. I'm the original...
  17. SKremk

    FS: SWC 180 Skimmer

    I got a bigger skimmer for my tank so I'm selling my SWC 180 skimmer. It's about 4 years old (pump is 2.5 years old) and is in good condition and works fine. Pickup in Redlands (92374). $150. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. SKremk

    Free sump

    I switched sumps in my tank and I need to get rid of my old one. It's 36" x 15" x 17" tall. It needs to be cleaned and one of the baffles is loose but it's otherwise in good shape. Pickup in Redlands (92374). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. SKremk

    FS: acro and bower colonies

    Hi folks. I need a bigger sump and skimmer, so I'm selling a few colonies to raise funds. Not looking for any trades right now. Pick up in Redlands (92374), or I can meet people from the OC in Corona. I'm traveling a lot for work these days so I'm only available on the weekends. PM me if...
  20. SKremk

    FS acros and LPS

    I've got some acros and LPS for sale. Pickup in Redlands (92374) or I can meet people from the OC in Corona tomorrow or on the weekends. Cash only, I'm not looking for trades right now. Strawberry Shortcake and Red Dragon. Both frags about 1.5" with multiple branches. Asking $30 each...