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  1. Orange County Reefer

    Waterbox 20 complete system

    Selling a complete WaterBox 20 system. Tank is currently running, has a cyano/Dino issue right now that will need to be delt with and a little bubble algae but besides that it is good. Tank is is in good condition, few minor scratches but nothing crazy. Tank is a little over a year old and has...
  2. Orange County Reefer


    Last batch of corals -Single Golden Gonzo Dragon Mushroom $30.00 (picture 1) -Double Golden Gonzo Dragon $40.00 (Picture 2) -3 Goldsn Gonzo Dragon mushroom SOLD (Picuture 3) -Chalice Frag $20.00 (picture 4) -Chalice Frag $20.00 (Picture 5) -Triple head Blasto $50.00 (Picture 6) -double...
  3. Orange County Reefer

    Jawbreaker / Electus

    Large jawbreaker with a baby in a Shroom cup and a electus mushroom on a frag plug. $200.00 for the pair no trades local pick up Aliso Viejo
  4. Orange County Reefer


    Just added a few corals and updated prices on some the others. -Ultra rainbow wellso (6+ inch/ 7+ colors) $350.00 (Picture 1/2/3) - Rainbow Wellso SOLD -Bleeding apple bowerbanki (2 inch) SOLD (Picture 4/5) -Zoa frag rack (Rasta / white zombie / scramble eggs) $90.00 all including the...
  5. Orange County Reefer


    -Splitting sun goddess, been in my tank for a year with good flesh sold -large acantho about 6 inches when fully open sold -XL Jawbreaker in shroom cup $140.00 -XL warpaint scoly sold take it all for sold local pick up Aliso Viejo
  6. Orange County Reefer

    XL war paint scoly

    very large warpaint scoly $200.00 local pickup Aliso Viejo
  7. Orange County Reefer


    KFC Dragon Fire Torch I have 2 of them so I am selling this one. Very healhy with great flesh. SOLD local pick up Aliso Viejo
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  9. Orange County Reefer

    Jawbreaker + Gonzo

    -XL Jawbreaker $175.00 -3 fully split Gozo Shrooms $80.00 Local pickup Aliso Viejo
  10. Orange County Reefer

    Radion XR15 Gen 5 Blue

    Selling Radion XR 15 Gen 5 Blue. Only used for one month $360.00 Just the light no mounting arm, local pick up Aliso Viejo
  11. Orange County Reefer

    XR 15 Gen 5 Mount

    I need a mount for an XR15 gen 5, let me know what you got. Looking for local in Orange County
  12. Orange County Reefer

    Scoly Pack

    2 bleeding apple Scolies $280.00 for the pair local pick up aliso Viejo
  13. Orange County Reefer

    Chicago Sun Burst Nem

    Tank raised Chicago sunburst nem 4 to 5 inches when fully open. Great yellow and purple in this one. Local pick up Aliso Viejo asking $475.00
  14. Orange County Reefer


    Acans First picture $70.00 Second picture $50.00
  15. Orange County Reefer

    WTB: Flamethrower chalice

    Looking for a flamethrower chalice frag or colony if it is reasonably priced. Let me if you have anything. I have torches for trade too if you want.
  16. Orange County Reefer

    WWC Jelly Bean Chalice

    Looking for WWC jelly bean chalice or rainbow type chalices. Will buy a frag or trade an HG torch for a colony, I have a sun goddess or cotton Candy hg for trade for the colony. Pictures below, I am in Aliso Viejo.
  17. Orange County Reefer

    Nem Box

    Looking for nem box send me pictures of what you have, looking in Orange County area
  18. Orange County Reefer

    WTB: Berghia Nudibranchs

    I have some aptasia, looking to buy some berghia nudis in the Orange County area. Please let me know what you have
  19. Orange County Reefer

    Established 32 Gallon Tank

    Sorry for the many recent sales threads I’m down sizing a bit over here. I am selling my established and currently running 32 gallon biocube. Tank is about 2 years old. Will come with everything in the pictures besides the green Trachy/Rasta zoas colony/ fish/ starfish. What’s included -32...
  20. Orange County Reefer

    Sun Goddess Torch + HG

    Price update -Single head sun goddess torch $450.00 -cotton candy HG $525.00 take both for $900.00 Local pick up Aliso Viejo