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    Reef Factory Frag Swap July 17th

    We'll get that up soon as we have some spots to fill. If you're a vendor pm me and I can send you the pertinent info.
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    Reef Factory Frag Swap July 17th

    Due to some timing issues, the Reef Factory Frag Swap has been moved to July 17th (Sunday) Check out the flyer below. Some very nice raffle prizes. Frag Swap Presented by Reef Factory US Location: 1850 N. Placentia Ave, Placentia CA 92870 Diamond 9 Sports Cards Showroom 11am-5pm Free...
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    Woohoo! Copperband eating aptasia

    I think its luck. I had to train it on brine and mysis first. Then over time it just started to eat aptasia.
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    Woohoo! Copperband eating aptasia

    Sorry, the wife just rolled her eyes when I told her. Just needed to share with peeps who might appreciate the news. It tooks 2 weeks to get it to feed on frozen. Now I'm noticing my aptasia (not to bad but visible) is slowly disappearing like a fart in the wind.
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    Gas powered Traxxas for reef ??

    I have this gas powered Traxxas. Just started her up and everything good. Will need some new nitro and some tuning for idle. Quick start with charger and new glow plug plus spare. Couple new carb filters and spares. Would like to trade for something reef related but just don't know what. Throw...
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    Refractometer issues

    Try obtaining a known fluid in each then you should know.
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    Drexel has awesome reef karma. Im getting back into this hobby and along the way he has provided great feedback and shares his knowledge.
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    Must be a rookie his phones signature to alert potential victims.😅
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    Lyretail hawkfish

    This guy typically isn't shy but when the camera comes he's acts as though im the paparazzi. Perches at the highest spot and swoops down on the school of chromis. Never really tags them but just acts the bully for fun.
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    New additions and pictures of my coral.

    That candy cane is a nice specimen. Mine is too compacted together. Wish mine grew more like yours.
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    What the heck is this nasty thing?

    Fry em up...a bit of salt and pepper and you have yourself a delicacy😄
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    Euphylia eating polyclad🤨

    I grabbed a couple of euphylia that were closest to it and nothing on them after a dip. I'm hoping it was localized to this one torch.
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    Euphylia eating polyclad🤨

    My torch looked like dookie for the past week or so. Took it out and found this sucker on it. After a dip, another half dozen smaller ones came off. Doesn't look good for the torch right now.
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    Lyretail hawkfish

    Thank you Stan! Its awesome how you went out of your way to pick up a fish for me and hold him in your tank. Reefers rule! I'll get some beauty shots of the fish once he settles in my tank.
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    o2manyfish - It's All Gone.

    Geez, that sucks. Seems as though you're bouncing right back though.
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    Lyretail hawkfish

    That's it! Was this from an lfs?
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    Frag Swap Vendors Needed

    We have changed the date to Sunday June 5th, as to not clash with CFM the following week. Vendors shoot us an email at Prices on tables are only $100 for a single table and $150 for 2 tables.
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    Frag Swap Vendors Needed

    Just found out there is a CFM the weekend if the 11th and 12th. Can anyone confirm? Don't want to clash dates if so we will move it forward one week to June 5th.