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  1. BST310

    Discoloration on Basslet

    I thought the trifecta was Kannaplex + Furan 2 + Metroplex. They seemingly all serve the relatively same purpose. Yeah I’ll start with the round of ABX and watch after that. Appreciate your help!
  2. BST310

    Discoloration on Basslet

    Yeah I might be a bit over exaggerative on the dullness. I’ll try to get a pic under whiter light but I’m not terribly concerned still eating like a champ. Sounds like abx should be a good fail safe. Would you even bother with the kannaplex and furan? Never used either in the water column.
  3. BST310

    Discoloration on Basslet

    Any ideas what would cause this discoloration on my black cap? I am thinking a bacterial issue of some sort and plan to treat with antibiotics (kannaplex+Metro+furan) but wanted some second opinions. To make a long story short I added some new clowns and about a week later one died pretty...
  4. BST310

    Official: RMF Flavor Parade Growout Contest

    Hopefully all the action happens after the half time show. @Emac909 , @Titanwerx , @Gedxin , @maikoa02 , @KinumsReef don't forget to post you update pics.
  5. BST310

    Official: Baller (Pimped Out) Growout Contest 2022

    Just about halfway through.
  6. BST310

    Official: RMF Flavor Parade Growout Contest

    Are you sure this isn’t a fox flame you swapped in? :p Just messing with you man, everything is looking great in your tank.
  7. BST310

    Smite's Stout CDA - 205G

    Scheduled outage? Hopefully it doesn’t become to frequent for you. Fingers crossed over here for ya.
  8. BST310

    90 Gallon build

    Great start! What are your plans with the tank? Focus on the fish or do you want corals as well?
  9. BST310

    OG’s Waterbox Peninsula 6025 Build

    Looks great! Looks like your SPS is taking off.
  10. BST310

    John’s double lagoon nano build.

    Cool build! Good choice, these are awesome and under appreciated.
  11. BST310

    Official: RMF Flavor Parade Growout Contest

    Hope your feeling better as well.
  12. BST310

    20g L Cracked Trim QT

    Anyone want this before I trash it? Used for QT. Trim cracked it held water fine but picked up a new one just to be safe. Pick-up in Carson or I will be in Hawthorne tomorrow.
  13. BST310

    FS/FT: Kessil A500X, UV Sterilizer, IM 10 Gal

    Bought the A500x end of March and used till about the end of June so roughly 3 months. Peaked at 35% daily so not ran very heavy warranty card in box and never filled out. Asking $650 or trade for XR15 Pro / A360X + cash Also have the mounting arm for it, I will throw it in with the light or...
  14. BST310

    WTB: Bali Picasso Clownfish

    To late now, lol. I honestly would have tried that first although being able to pick what I want was nice. While I’m fairly confident these are from Bali Aquarich, I don’t know that they are what they used to be. Kind of like the pairs that you see on divers den from time to time. I’ll post pics...
  15. BST310

    WTB: Bali Picasso Clownfish

    My fish ship tomorrow for Tuesday delivery. If anyone wants on the order I can probably get that handled today, save $50 shipping. *Note I was directed to this vendor by Bali Aquarich / Mr. Su after reaching out directly for a US source. While BA still regularly produces clowns it appears...
  16. BST310

    Official: RMF Flavor Parade Growout Contest

    18 contestants left! @Bighauck I am going to use your measurement for this month going forward as you started at the base of the ruler this time.
  17. BST310

    Official: RMF Flavor Parade Growout Contest

    Looks like just @LesPaulPlayer73 , @Jstndnhyr , pledosophy , and @KinumsReef left.
  18. BST310

    WTB: Bali Picasso Clownfish

    I've got a line on some BA Black Helmet and Standard Helmet Picassos. These are sub 2" "newly" imported, not bonded pairs is what I am getting at. I am going to pick one up, if anybody else is interested we can save on shipping.
  19. BST310

    Who’s going to Reefapalooza California?

    If anybody wants to carpool ... hit me up. I am in Carson and will head to the convention center down the 405 / 22. I can fit two extra.