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  1. JohnBRZ

    FS/FT Mandarin Dragonet

    looking to re-home one female or one male mandarin dragonet due to aggression. I ordered them directly from Biota back in Dec. both are healthy and eating pellets. $100 firm for the male or female. male is a little beaten up by the female right now. open to trade for a healthy orange storm...
  2. JohnBRZ

    Small AIO tank

    IM have the new 15 AIO for $100
  3. JohnBRZ

    How do you backup your reef to protect from power outages?

    yes by usb. I figure I could also use my laptop if the backup batter die but it used so little power and quiet
  4. JohnBRZ

    Just wanna share my OG with y’all

    why is it in a box? to protect it from the flow?
  5. JohnBRZ

    How do you backup your reef to protect from power outages?

    a gas generator but don't think that would work for you. I think battery backup for the pumps should be fine. I use an air pump connected to my cellphone backup battery haha.
  6. JohnBRZ

    Wtb yellow striped cardinalfish

    I think Reef Factory US can custom order for you
  7. JohnBRZ

    Babies Bounces

    wow nice bound
  8. JohnBRZ

    FT: Mandarin Dragonet

    yes but I prefer to trade with someone close by if possible. PM
  9. JohnBRZ

    FT: Mandarin Dragonet

    Anyone near 92708 with a large Jawbreaker with some red who want to trade for a Biota captive bred mandarin dragonet? He's been with me since Dec 2021 and eating TDO B2 pellets. Recently the smaller female got aggressive and won't let him eat. I suspect my tank might be too small for a pair but...
  10. JohnBRZ

    Who’s going to Reefapalooza California?

    Planning on going Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. JohnBRZ

    FT Yasha goby

    pending trade next week. Thanks everyone
  12. JohnBRZ

    FT Yasha goby

    Got him back in April to do a pistol shrimp pair but decided that might not be a good fit for my setup. Looking to trade for a yellow/red jawbreaker, orange or mocha storm clownfish. eating frozen mysis and TDO pellets Thanks
  13. JohnBRZ

    WTB Pygmy Wrasse

    Wow that is one round mandarin Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. JohnBRZ

    Amphipod Obsession

    I heard they're super slow too so I started with 150 in a 4 gallon since I want a busy tank and didn't want to wait. I feed them a tiny amount once to week to try increase breeding and I think it worked. Got maybe a thousand or so baby shrimps from last season. they reproduce during the warmer...
  15. JohnBRZ

    Amphipod Obsession

    I always wanted to setup one of these life in jars. I find it very interesting to see and discover the vast diversity of tiny life that go unnoticed. after all the research I ended up setting up ecosystem for Opae Ula instead. the white one has been running for almost 2 years now with no...
  16. JohnBRZ

    Woke up this morning …

    what kind of pistol shrimp do you have?
  17. JohnBRZ

    Biota Mandarin Pair $80 at Coral Gazers

    I just put TDO B2 pellets in a seashell at a low flow corner of the tank and they'll eat from it.
  18. JohnBRZ

    Biota Mandarin Pair $80 at Coral Gazers

    does your pair get along? mine are in a 14 gal nano and occasionally I notice the larger male would attack the smaller female. they get along 95% of the time
  19. JohnBRZ

    Biota Mandarin Pair $80 at Coral Gazers

    That’s cheap Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. JohnBRZ

    free 100 gal tank, stand, sump

    It feels like I constantly have to stop myself from setting up one more tank and getting that one more fish lol . anyone else have the problem?