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    IM 10 gl AIO W/ Stand & AI Prime 16 HD

    Would you sell the light separately
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    Need to rid live rocks and corals

    What kind of clowns?
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    WTB high tide water riser

    Hey guys looking to buy a pair of high tide water risers for my midsize innovative marine fusion. Let me know if anyone has spares or some that you aren’t using, to buy of course. Thanks
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    OG purple monster

    How much?
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    Looking for SPS

    I’ll pm you
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    Looking for SPS

    How much would you do for a frag on all those pieces
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    Looking for SPS

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    Neptune Apex, Trident, Accessories

    Can you send picture of the rack?
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    Looking for SPS

    I’m looking for some nice not to expensive sps frags for my new setup around my area if anyone has any available would appreciate it. Thanks
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    Yellow watchmen

    Make an offer, don’t really have a price on him.
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    Yellow watchmen

    Yellow watchmen for sale in the 92505 area let me know if your interested and price
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    Looking for 10gal IM tank or similar

    I have a 10 gallon IM
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    Reef Equipments for sale

    How much and where are you located
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    Reef Equipments for sale

    For the 16hd ai prime
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    Reef Equipments for sale

    Who did you get the diffuser from brand?
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    Nano stand IM

    Looking for a black original nano 10 gallon innovative marine stand.
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    CC Magic Carpet - SOLD

    I pm’s you
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    CC Magic Carpet - SOLD

    Yes that one
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    CC Magic Carpet - SOLD

    What about the mushrooms behind the jawbreaker in the last picture