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  1. Justkeepswimming


    I have been out of the reef game for a long time but I have the reef bug again… looking for mid- high end reasonably priced Sps, and scolys or acanthos.. text me photos (626)533-7956 -Danny thanks !
  2. Justkeepswimming

    Smite's Stout CDA - 205G

    Looking fire 🔥 as always … let me know when you are clipping , going to try my shot at Sps again soon.
  3. Justkeepswimming

    Flame wrasse pair

    Text sent
  4. Justkeepswimming

    FS Sunkist Bounce

    Willing to ship or ever near Murrieta ?
  5. Justkeepswimming

    Gold torch

    Had for years. Produced many frags. About baseball size fully opened. Bulletproof, I don’t do water changes now. $300 FIRM, no trades. Payment holds
  6. Justkeepswimming

    Live rotifers

    That is one of my plans. Just takes days to get if here then another day or two for culturing.
  7. Justkeepswimming

    Live rotifers

    They are Captive bred Saddled Erectus Seahorses from Alyssa's seahorses. I was thinking they were mostly going to die in the first day, and online it said they don't eat the first day. They are still alive so I am on the hunt for food options. Might have to try frozen Rotifers until I can get...
  8. Justkeepswimming

    Live rotifers

    Anyone have rotifers near Murrieta ? Was not ready for my seahorses to have fry, and I have nothing to try and feed them. Most usually die , but it is worth a shot ! Thanks !
  9. Justkeepswimming

    Official: RMF Flavor Parade Growout Contest

    My EB8 failed and I lost all my sps within days... My piece is still holding on but I am going to pull out because I can barely stand looking at my tank right now. Good luck all!
  10. Justkeepswimming

    Gold torch

  11. Justkeepswimming

    Gold torch

  12. Justkeepswimming

    Neptune systems dose

    Brand new in box. $260 Didn’t end up needing it. Venmo or PayPal holds. Located in Murrieta
  13. Justkeepswimming

    Woke up and my tank lights are on...

    Interesting, my new gen Apex failed when I was on vacation this last week. Corals started bleaching unfortunately… I still can’t control the plugs or read the energy consumption… have to work up enough energy to pull it all apart and try to figure it out. you figure out what caused your issue ?
  14. Justkeepswimming

    Official: RMF Flavor Parade Growout Contest

    Don't worry. Look at my photos and you will feel better. haha
  15. Justkeepswimming

    Official: RMF Flavor Parade Growout Contest

    There is so many variation in rulers, perspective angle ... that can skew the growth results. Maybe an overall vote would be best? Just a thought, that's all .
  16. Justkeepswimming

    Official: RMF Flavor Parade Growout Contest

    It is because your original photo the ruler starts about 1/3 up your frag.
  17. Justkeepswimming

    Looking for some Asterina 🌟fish

    I have a good amount of Asteria, located in Murrieta.