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    Wtb cleaner shrimp

    Want to buy cleaner shrimp near Tustin ! Pm me your price!
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    Thinking ahead, sea hare swap near Irvine

    Did you emerald crab from reefcleaners got rid of the bubble algae ?
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    FS: Chalice, Favia, Leptastrea, Lepto

    Do u have frags of the Zoas in the picture?
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    New member

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    Par meter for rent?

    Just checking in!!😅
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    Need help setting up brs pumps

    Thanks bro!!:cool:
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    Where to buy - ESV Alkalinity brick/mortar

    Try amazing aquariums and reef!!
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    Need help setting up brs pumps

    Just order a pair of these pump but have no idea how to program them using my apex jr !!!!Just need to dose 6 ml of alk/calcium ( esv) through out the day! Please help!!
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    Par meter for rent?

    Thanks 🙏! I’ll be waiting
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    Par meter for rent?

    Im interested. I just got a radion xr15 on my nano tank and I need to know if the intensity (35% on ab plus)that I’m using right know is enough
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    WTB radion hanging kit for xr15 g5

    Like the title says!
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    Fish and Coral - File fish, Blue/Green Chromis, 6 line, etc.

    Are you selling the stand and lights?
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    Free 6 line wrasse

    I’ll take it!! Pm me your address.
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    Coral Gazers and Reef Factory

    Just went today and saw 3 they look healthy!!
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    Taking a break of hobby, Lifestock for sale.

    How big is the royal gramma?
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    WTB: Nice anemone.

    How much for the Sherman rose?
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    ReefCleaners Irvine/OC group buy

    Take it!
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    ReefCleaners Irvine/OC group buy

    If by any chance anyone get an extra emerald crab I’ll take!