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    Corals fs

    Location, near Garden Grove by chance?
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    WTS OG Bounce

    baby 1 is pending
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    WTS OG Bounce

    Baby 2 is sold.
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    WTS OG Bounce

    I now have a couple OG Bounds babies little bit bigger than quarter size for sale. Lineage from big momma above. Asking $350 each. Baby1 Baby 2 Big Brother NFS Momma
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    WTT Koji Wada Japanese Pink Nepthea

    Sorry, will be a long while before I have any.
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    Who’s going to RAP (Reefapalooza) this year?

    According to website, it is $24. Then another 25-30 for ticket.
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    some corals fs

    I will take Zoas cloves - 15 Jackolantern - 5 I am in GG, will shoot you a pm with my contact.
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    Whos going ? (CFM) Saturday

    Debating on going. Looking for nice HG, Tiger, or reverse Tiger torch. Yellow frogspawn or octo too. Price is probably higher than forum sale hence the debate. Each time I went, cost 500-1k just too much.
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    WTT Koji Wada Japanese Pink Nepthea

    Sure, last piece has 3 stalks on the same rock. I will take a latest photo and send through PM.
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    WTT Koji Wada Japanese Pink Nepthea

    I have 2 more colonies of Koji Wada Japanese Pink Nepthea about 3-4 inches tall x across to trade for LPS corals such as: Torches, hammers, Frogspawn, Octo, etc. Mother colony is about 7-8 inches that I can do fresh cut if needed to.
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    Corals Farmer Market 10/15/2022

    I will be there. Hoping to see some nice torches and yellow octo/frogspawn.
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    Just wanna share my OG with y’all

    Wish I have this problem of bubble wont stop growing.
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    Babies Bounces

    Orange Storm, special order a couple years back. Don't remember which website I got it from. Darn thing hosts the bounce, I just leave them alone as I didn't see any harm yet.
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    Babies Bounces

    No, they are way too small. Will make a decision when they are 1/2 to 1 inches.
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    Babies Bounces

    Thank you, just wonder if my bounce is difference because of light and water parameter. Or just a different speciment.
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    Babies Bounces

    I almost threw those two rocks away until my son noticed a tiny shiny spec of green under blue light.
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    Babies Bounces

    Thank you.
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    Babies Bounces

    My mama bounce finally discarded small rocks she was on and moved over to the 3 inches disk. Interestingly, she left behind fragments of herself on the original rubble rocks. one has grown into a small bound the size of 1/4 of an inches, while other is still a glob of green spec. Bought the...
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    WTB Gold/Yellow Octospawn & Frogspawn

    I am heading to Jamaica tomorrow for a week of vacation. I may text you when I come back.