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  1. Smite

    Tank for sell

    Dang this things still here? Killer deal! GLWS
  2. Smite

    48" t5 bulb

    I have several you can have. They've got about 8-12 months on them. I'm in West Garden Grove, 92845
  3. Smite

    SPS coral identification help

    . Picture 1-3 looks like a PC Rainbow type acropora to me. Number 4 looks a lot like TGC Creamsicle acropora. The 5th is for sure a tenuis, they look similar under daylight so hard to really say much more than that. A popular one, that looks similar to that under daylight, would be something...
  4. Smite

    Smite's Stout CDA - 205G

    Haven’t noticed much of a dent in the aiptasia overall but I do feel like the spot I dropped them in is clear. 🤞
  5. Smite

    Smite's Stout CDA - 205G

    I appreciate the info! I had already added them to the tank unfortunately. I waited until evening killed flow and added them with the pipette to a section of rockwork they could easily hide in. I thought it was odd they didn’t hide, seemed to immediately attempt to forage and that makes sense...
  6. Smite

    Smite's Stout CDA - 205G

    They arrived well packaged and alive. They supply a pipette to remove them as well which is cool. Should I drip acclimate them? Or float and release tonight?
  7. Smite

    Wtb live phytoplankton

    Can’t beat OGReefs phyto. Long time reefer, great guy and local in SoCal.
  8. Smite

    Smite's Stout CDA - 205G

    I went ahead and ordered 5 berghia off the k&p site. I’ll update how they fair the shipping. Hopefully in a few months I’ll see a difference in aiptasia. for now I’m going to start nuking some with kalk paste to see how that goes.
  9. Smite

    Smite's Stout CDA - 205G

    I'll do that. I haven't been out there since it was in the garage. Thanks man!
  10. Smite

    Smite's Stout CDA - 205G

    This looks like a great option for sure. Wonder how many I should start with in my tank? 7-10?
  11. Smite

    Smite's Stout CDA - 205G

    I contacted him a while back, but it sounds like he had a set back with his colony while on vacation.
  12. Smite

    Smite's Stout CDA - 205G

    They aren’t that easy to come by right now. I know Ellis has some but I’ve heard they are small. I may go that route, I’ll just need to pull my cleaner and peppermint shrimps. I’ve got a decent pod population too which I guess can be problematic from them actually breeding in the tank? seems...
  13. Smite

    Jimbo’s CDA 250

    Are the powders new? I hesitate to add a fish to my tank at this point. It affects the whole tank. If I add a tang, it triggers my tangs obviously but it sends a ripple through the whole tank's hierarchy for a while. Everyone seems to need to figure out where they are again.
  14. Smite

    Smite's Stout CDA - 205G

    For sure Jesse. Thanks for being flexible and meeting up with me. I'm glad to have a piece of this back in my tank!
  15. Smite

    Smite's Stout CDA - 205G

    Thanks everyone. Looks like he passed in the sump. I feel like the glue hardened with his mouth open and after 5 days like that it caused damage. Or he actually sucked some down, not sure. A little big to let feed the reef so I’ll probably pull him. Tanks looking good, specially under blues...
  16. Smite

    Smite's Stout CDA - 205G

    Well damn. It’s been a while since I lost a fish. I found my fox face stuck to my gyre. Still alive so he’s in the sump for now hopefully passing more peacefully. I’ll be letting fresh glue frags sit in tank water for a few minutes to harden when possible. He took a huge bite out of some super...
  17. Smite

    OG’s Waterbox Peninsula 6025 Build

    Dang, I need to get me one of those!
  18. Smite

    Bustayanky’s Downgrade from 225g to 40g Build

    Looking good man. Hopefully the busted seam didn't damage much in the house
  19. Smite

    Wtb aptasia eating berghia

    Ellis Aquatics had some a few weeks back. They respond quick on facebook. They won't ship and I don't like to go to Compton so I haven't bought any yet but I know people love that shop.
  20. Smite

    Anyone still using selcon?

    I use it if I'm in a pinch and can't find LRS or Reef Frenzy. I'll add it to mysis/brine ect to add a little more nutrition for the fish.