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  1. lazycouch

    Feeding schedule on vacation

    would definitely affect your nutrient levels if you have corals. i think it should be fine if you only have fish but your anthias might take a hit
  2. lazycouch

    Hello, Back at it after 10+ years awayasd

    welcome. feel free to PM me if you have any questions to refresh your knowledge on corals (y)
  3. lazycouch

    sunkist bounce mushrooms disco and zoas

    some extra corals i need to move out of my frag tank sunkist: $80 on the huge one $65 on the smaller one big red disco with gold rim: $25 unknown gold rim zoa mini colony: $30 can meet up at the OC show this sunday or pick up Long Beach 90804
  4. lazycouch

    Red Flatworms on Torch

    revive dip works well for me
  5. lazycouch


    you’re insane my friend
  6. lazycouch

    Anyone still using selcon?

    yes. i use it with brine shrimp, dont know what it does but definitely triggers appetite
  7. lazycouch

    Tck Insane plate for Og bounce or other shrooms

    Located in Long beach 90804 Looking to trade a frag of my Insane plate for something cool. Pic of my biggest piece and a frag i sold for reference. Thank you
  8. lazycouch

    my TCK insane plate for an OG bounce!

    looking to trade a frag of my TCK insane plate for an OG bounce tomorrow at CFM.
  9. lazycouch

    cool Zoa colony on a small rock

    located in long beach 90804
  10. lazycouch

    cool Zoa colony on a small rock

    looking to get rid of this funky bright orange zoa morph colony. kind of look like orange stratosphere… $125 takes it - perfect sized rock to fill a gap in your tank
  11. lazycouch

    free pistol shrimp!

    he has found a new home. thank you
  12. lazycouch

    free pistol shrimp!

    was making a mess in my macro tank. come and get him! Long Beach 90804
  13. lazycouch

    Indo Lobo FS $75 92880 or Can ship

    you can build a website on venderup. looks much better for you than spamming a small community forum in my opinion
  14. lazycouch

    Indo Lobo FS $75 92880 or Can ship

    get outta here vendor
  15. lazycouch

    2 week trip, tank crash, Think I'm done.

    thankfully someone else will learn from your experience. sorry this happened to you man. big tanks really do have higher risks at making you enjoy the hobby less..
  16. lazycouch

    Most Amazing Thing Happened, you will never believe it!

    i hope to never have a wife who helicopters the way i spend my hard earned cash. not for me :ROFLMAO:
  17. lazycouch

    Local Reef Clubs????

    lets start a club! LOL
  18. lazycouch

    Local Reef Clubs????

    if anyone knows of a club near long beach 90804 please let me know. been looking for some but most are 45mins-1hr out
  19. lazycouch

    Weeping Willows + Zoas + Holy Grail

    some super saiyan, queen krakatoa, and pink diamond frags still available! everything else- sold out. thank you!