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  1. JC Reef

    2 Brand New Reefbrite 36" Blue XHO LED Strip

    New price $300 for the pair.
  2. JC Reef

    IM Nuvo 40EXT w/ APS stand and Fiji Cube sump

    If that sump was purchased new, I would have demanded a replacement. I expect things to be cosmetic-free and perfect if they're new. To begin with, Fijicube has the worst customer service. I have had a negative experience with their customer service regarding a tank purchase. Both tanks I...
  3. JC Reef

    76-gallon Fijicube tank (SOLD)

    Joe has been wonderful to work with. I can’t wait to see the final product!
  4. JC Reef

    76-gallon Fijicube tank (SOLD)

    I have a 76-gallon Fijicube tank that has a suspicious seam. I have been using it for about two years, but I am planning to replace it with a custom tank from Glasscages soon. You can check the details and the build thread on R2R. I am selling the tank, the stand, and some plumbing parts. I need...
  5. JC Reef


    I decided to keep the mushroom.
  6. JC Reef


    I have this crazy JB with some green. It’s not attached, and it’s been in my shroom box for the last week to see if it will attach to rubble. It’s about 2-2.25" when fully open. Location: Riverside near DT $400
  7. JC Reef

    2 Brand New Reefbrite 36" Blue XHO LED Strip

    I'm going with another 4-foot tank, but more likely, I'm going to go with GlassCages.
  8. JC Reef

    2 Brand New Reefbrite 36" Blue XHO LED Strip

    2 Brand New Reefbrite 36" Blue XHO LED Strip Light. I was going to use them for a project, but I need the funds for a replacement tank. I’m not trying to make any money out of these lights, I just want to break even. I can show proof of purchase upon pickup. $330 firm. Location: Riverside...
  9. JC Reef

    FS BRAND NEW!!! 25 Watt Classic UV Sterilizer - Black Body - Aqua Ultraviolet

    I have decided to use this on my reef. Please close this thread!
  10. JC Reef

    (2) AP9X lights

    Killer price!
  11. JC Reef

    Cheap acro frags

    Thanks for the chunky frags!
  12. JC Reef

    Acro Frags

    PM Sent.