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  1. wishntoboutside

    Need Help, drill a small hole on my tank

    It a piece of tile and practice on it. It's almost like cutting the same thing. The suction cup brackets are key.
  2. wishntoboutside

    New Member - SPS System

    Nice aquarium. Thanks for sharing
  3. wishntoboutside

    OG’s Waterbox Peninsula 6025 Build

    The new tank looks great.
  4. wishntoboutside

    Looking for some monti corals

    If you are in the Riverside I can get you a few chunks
  5. wishntoboutside

    Dosing pumps suggestions

    If you have the hydros units the independent dosing pumps are ver economical. The minnows are a gate way product into the automation. It all really depends what you want to dose.
  6. wishntoboutside

    Battery Backup

    The HYDROS Kraken is a battery back up option for those on the HYDROS network.
  7. wishntoboutside

    WTB: Hydros Controller

    hydros has it going on right now but I may be a little biased
  8. wishntoboutside

    OC coral show

    I have a bucket of bio balls that I for some reason refuse to throw away and had sat in my side yard for a few minutes
  9. wishntoboutside

    Help with alk question

    Hanna's are nice for blind lazy people. I do not trust their accuracy. I would recommend getting a Salfarit test kit. It will never steer you wrong. I would also recommend testing your alk the general same time of day to confirm your consumption. The reef calculator listed above is priceless.
  10. wishntoboutside

    Tank tour

    We have some interest for sure on this and it could be great. So far we have two days of possible aquarium tours LA Area. Dave Botwin has offered to show of his aquarium and zoo. Riverside/ Corona Myself Mark 556 I think we need a few more tanks to really make this work for all. I could offer...
  11. wishntoboutside

    HELP! Trouble with acropora

    Time for a bigger tank with newer equipment lol
  12. wishntoboutside

    Red Planet Chunk, Green Hammer LPs, nems

    All nems sold at this time. Still have alot of Branching hammers available. thanks
  13. wishntoboutside

    Rose Anemones for sale. Sherman's

    All nems sold at this time. Mods feel free to close.
  14. wishntoboutside

    Red Planet Chunk, Green Hammer LPs, nems

    Red plantet frag is pending for Kyle. all messages replied . Ty
  15. wishntoboutside

    Red Planet Chunk, Green Hammer LPs, nems

    Hello, I have a 2x3 chunk or Red planet that I broke off while cleaning the tank. $40.00 All hammer large hammers $10.00 per head or less if you take larger pieces at $8.00 per head. Lastly I have a few medium Sherman's at $70.00 each. other spa frags available if you are looking for a pack or...
  16. wishntoboutside


    You are probably not. This would be a huge liability for many companies. Depending on the size of the aquarium you may want to do this yourself or consider a new aquarium
  17. wishntoboutside

    Corals Farmer Market this Sat! 6/8/2024 in Anaheim

    Yes. Still with CoralVue. It I will be honest. Not enough promotion on these cfm events to make it worth while. These events needs attendance and not more vendors.
  18. wishntoboutside

    Corals Farmer Market this Sat! 6/8/2024 in Anaheim

    always a fun event to attend. I don't think I can make this one as the list is long and trying to get caught up on things. It would be nice to catch up with everyone.
  19. wishntoboutside

    F U Cancer Sale!

    Very sorry to read my condolences to you and the family
  20. wishntoboutside

    Looking for complete in wall tank installer.

    I think posting your general location would help the group make a good recommendation