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  1. joseserrano

    (SOLD) Tenneti (LT) Tang 5” for sale

  2. joseserrano

    Smite's Stout CDA - 205G

    Looking great
  3. joseserrano

    Ups and downs of Gyres?

    Very different flow pattern
  4. joseserrano

    Need 50 lbs of rock (on a budget)

    What’s your budget?
  5. joseserrano

    Need suplies, so kinda chemistry related.

    Law office carries dry goods
  6. joseserrano

    Radion gen 1 and 3

  7. joseserrano

    Mushrooms substrate

    reborn is what most use
  8. joseserrano

    Looking for Xenia in Westminster area

    Try Steve Garrett. He has various types
  9. joseserrano

    So my tank is leaking

    Hit up Steve g if you want anyone to hold anything
  10. joseserrano

    Blue Hornet Zoa

    Still not compliant with forum rules
  11. joseserrano

    WTB - Yellowish Japanese long tentacle toadstool

    Garrett’s has this
  12. joseserrano

    ID Please

    Unsure, but looks nice
  13. joseserrano

    Looking for some monti corals

    Try Steve
  14. joseserrano

    WTB Florida Ricordea

    Saw kung fu had a bunch of them
  15. joseserrano

    WTB 4 Corals

    Hit up
  16. joseserrano

    Coral and live rock