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  1. Confuse

    I Got a New Regal!! Going on #7

    Yeah, that was the idea. lol I'll never kill another regal again! I would think it depends on the finish. But it looks like the majority of their work is with gates and exterior stuff that would most likely be protected by something against the elements.
  2. Confuse

    I Got a New Regal!! Going on #7

    Hahaha. This regal will live FOR-EVER!!!
  3. Confuse

    I Got a New Regal!! Going on #7

    This one will live forever!! I found Mad Fabrications on a Facebook fish group and ordered something from him for my niece which turned out really well. I noticed he also did fish stuff so I tasked him with making my favorite fish (killed 6 of them over the years)! You just have to find a good...
  4. Confuse

    what would you pay for an ecelectus mushroom?

    Oh dang. I also overlooked that part. I was somewhat thrown off by Cody's comment of not having his tank ready. Thinking, "****, it's been like 2 years!! What do you mean its not ready??" lol
  5. Confuse

    HD prime discount

    Hmmmm. Discontinued? New light coming out??? Let's hope some cool stuff gets revealed at MACNA!
  6. Confuse

    Anyone know of any lfs selling lrs nano blend

    Who sells LRS in the IE?
  7. Confuse

    Socalireefs lack of participation/activity

    Attract less shitty members. lol =P
  8. Confuse

    Auto Aqua (AWC)

    I am! I use it on my Nuvo 20. It's a pretty convenient device that you just set and forget (almost). The programming on the thing is not very intuitive, but once you get past that, it's a convenient gadget to have. You just have to do a little math to figure out how much water it takes out the...
  9. Confuse

    Reef Charity?

    Someone really needs to start one! I have a ton of old equipment stored up that I have no motivation selling piece by piece. Some stuff like Metal Halides that no one really buys anymore, DIY LED lights I made and just random small reef stuff not worth parting individually. =[ I'd like to donate...
  10. Confuse

    What would you do?

    Haha. I had the same thing happen with a toothbrush once. ;[ I leave reef stuff in the bathroom sometimes and I left my "reef toothbrush" out near my toothbrush holder after cleaning my MP10. Well, you know what happened the next morning....
  11. Confuse

    Trio of flames... am I cray?

    My experience has been that in the long run, somebody always ends up losing an eye. lol That is, the female or sub male begins transitioning and the super male starts to become aggressive (or vice versa or both) and you end up with one less fish. I've had a pair of flames for over three years...
  12. Confuse

    No Cal Tax Coupon Code Not Working

    I agree. I now order most my stuff from BRS. MD's free shipping is very slow and most times I get stuff shipped free from BRS at about the same rate as I would from MD even though they have a warehouse in NV. And there is no such thing as "tax free" in California. The tax was incorporated into...
  13. Confuse

    Nano Reef Flow Basics Video

    Great video Mike! I have a Fusion 20g with softies and LPS. I have to spare MP10's on each side for flow, but I'm still getting dead spots in places. Can you give me some tips on pump placement or recommendations?
  14. Confuse

    Ultra Gem Burbank - Mini Review

    Isn't that what Jason Fox charges? Sounds like retail pricing to me. In which case, I would expect so coming from an actual retail shop. Take into account their shop is very well stocked with not only common stuff, but also more rare fish and coral. In addition, they have a great collection of...
  15. Confuse

    ORP Probe

    ****, I've had mine for over a year and a half and never calibrated it because I read not to. My readings have always been really low compared to the baseline. I know it varies from tank to tank and there is no "definitive" or ideal measure, but mine's always read in the 250's.
  16. Confuse

    Sump Sock Silencers- Still hear the water

    Like you've said, increasing the water level will help somewhat with the noise. My biggest complaint with John's sump was that he placed the sock tray really high in my sump and it contributed to a lot of noise. I jerryrigged a filter floss tray into my filter sock holder out of egg crate and...
  17. Confuse

    Anthias Questions- Help Me Pick!

    Back in the day I had a group of 6 bartlett anthias. They ended up picking each other off and the ones who were still around hid inside the rocks and only came out to eat. I would agree with lyretails being the safer bet. They lasted the longest in my tank and did not get too big. They are...
  18. Confuse

    Smart Home your tank?

    I'd like to set up Alexa to initiate feed modes on my vortechs since I have no wxm to do it on my apex, but own a reeflink...
  19. Confuse

    Killer Corals: Premium Speckled Anemone's

    I guess embedding images here don't work anymore...
  20. Confuse

    Recommendation of ATO

    I have the AutoAqua Smart ATO Micro for my nano. This one has one sensor and it has been pretty solid for the last 2 years. The pump is quiet too. The only problem is that if the sensor gets covered in algae, it will malfunction. But if it stays relatively clean, then it shouldn't give you any...