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Nov 6, 2013
Santa Ana/Tustin
Let me know if you have any questions, willing to negotiate within reason, will update as things are sold.
Please follow the link to my eBay store for pics

Return Pumps
Brand new Ehiem CompactON 5000 pump-$150 shipped
Brand new Sunpole Magus VSB-12000V DC pump-$300 shipped
Brand new Sunpole Magus VSR-9000V DC pump-$250 shipped

Brand new Danner Mag 18-$110 shipped
Brand new Danner Mag 24-$130 shipped
Brand new Reeflo Hammerhead/Barracuda external pump-$375 shipped
Brand new Hydor Seltz 1600-$150 shipped
Brand new Tamm Rio 180-$10 picked up
Brand new Tamm Rio 600-$10 each, multiple available.
Brand new Lifegard quiet one 4000 pump-$45 shipped
Brand new Hydor Seltz 500GPH pump-$80 shipped
Circulation pumps/wave maker pumps
Brand new Ice cap 4k pump only-$120 shipped
Brand new 1" Sea Swirl-$230 shipped

Brand new Reef Octopus 200 S Regal skimmer-$550 shipped
Brand new Reef Octo HOB 100 classic-$160 shipped
Brand new Reef Octopus 200 INT skimmer-$290 shipped
Brand new Aquamaxx NF-1 skimmer-$60 shipped
Brand new Deltec 2650-$900 shipped

Brand new AquaMaxx EM100/CO-1/Cone S HOB/FC-120 impeller-$50 shipped
Brand new Reef Octopus 300 with float switch neck cleaner-$200 shipped
Brand new Deltec SC2650 and TC2560 neck cleaner-$ 225 shipped
Used ATI Powercone 250I skimmer body-$175 shipped

Brand new ASM G1-X-$225 shipped
Brand new Reef Octo classic 150 space saver-$220 shipped
Brand new Shark 6.0 skimmer pump-$170 shipped
Brand new Nuvo IM midsize DC skimmer-$110 shipped
Brand new Sicce PSK1000 skimmer pump-$80 shipped
Brand new Reef Octopus Waste Collector WC-140-$180 shipped
Brand new Somatic 120S skimmer-$160 shipped

Lighty used Hanna salinity pen-$50 shipped


Brand new JBJ trutemp controller-$50 shipped
Brand new Finnex HMA 50Watt with controller-$10 picked up.

Brand new JBJ 1/2HP 230V chiller-$950 local pick up, $1050 shipped
Brand new Aqua Euro 1/10th chiller-$400 shipped
Brand new Aquarium cooling fan (6 fans)-$50 shipped
Lightly used JBJ 1/5th HP unit-$400 picked up

Brand new Wave Point Micro sun 12" clamp light-$40 shipped
Brand new Wave point blade-$30 shipped
Brand new Maxspect Razor X RS-500-$475 shipped
Brand new Current USA IC 4335-$180 shipped
Brand new Kessil A160 Tuna sun-$190 shipped
Brand new Red Sea Reef LED 90-$300 shipped
Brand new Coralife 48" dual T5 fixture missing feet-$80 shipped
Brand new Current USA orbit Marine 48-60"-$175 shipped
Brand new 36" Reefbrite lumi 50/50-$110 shipped
Brand new Giesemann 250W DE coral bulb-$50 shipped 2 available.
Brand new AquaticLife Edge Marine Wifi 24"-$70 shipped
Brand new Hamilton Aruba Sun 36" retrofit T5 kit-$125 shipped
Brand new Reefbrite Single interface controller-$75 shipped
Brand new Reefbirte LED/MH mogul hybrid fixture-$350 shipped
Brand new Hamilton Caymen DE HQI reflector with ice cap 250w-400w ballast-$200
Brand new JBJ Macrogro-$40 shipped

Hamilton Cebu Sun Lighting System - 48 Inch 2 x 175 Watt Metal Halide and 4x T5-$700 shipped
Brand new 36" supra 4x T5 retro-$150 shipped
Lightly used Ecotech RMS light track 20.5-$30 picked up
Lightly used Ecotech RMS light track 70.5-$70 picked up
Lightly used AI HMS 48" light track-$40 picked up
Lightly used AI HMS 60" light track-$50 picked up
Brand new AI 48" EXT Tank mounts for Sol, Vega, Hydra fixtures, silver- $40 picked up
Brand new Orbit Marine IC pro 4338-$420 shipped
Brand new AI classic rail kit 36"-$40 picked up
Brand new AI classic rail kit 48"-$50 picked up
Brand new Current USA tank mount-$20 shipped, multiple available.
Brand new Red sea LED light mount XXL-$55 shipped
Brand new Kessil Mount A series-$20 picked up
Brand new Maxspect Razor X 150 light fixture-$425 shipped
Brand new Kessil A80 mount-$15 picked up
Brand new Kessil A360WE tuna blue-$310 shipped
Brand new Reefbrite Mini mag 50/50 light-$40 shipped
Brand new Hydra HMS double arm mounting kit-$50 shipped

Brand new Tunze PH probe-$80 shipped

Used Tunze 6091 Wave controller-$30 shipped
Brand new Maxspect ICV6 controller- $35 shipped

Brand new Aqua UV 120 Watt transformer-$275 shipped

Used TLF Kalk stirrer large- $30 (local pick up) $40 shipped
Brand new Aquamaxx ZR- 1 zeo reactor-$100 shipped
Brand new Reef Octopus LR-200 Algae reactor$400 shipped
Brand new TLF reactor with pump-$40 shipped

Brand new Marine Depot KleanWater 6-stage economy RODI-$175 shipped
Brand new Aqua FX booster pump-$75 shipped
Brand new Marine depot Kelanwater 4 stage economy RO/DI-$100 picked up.

Brand new Aquamaxx FSH-4D, 4" filter sock holder- multiple available, discounts on multiple $20 shipped
Brand new Trigger systems Saphhire 39 sump- $450 shipped
Brand new Advanced Acrylics PVC hybrid sump, 34"L x 19"W x 15"H-$ 600 shipped, $500 picked up
Brand new Trigger systems Emerald 20c-$300 shipped
Brand new 7" filter sock holder-$10 picked up, 2 available.
Brand new CPR aquafuge medium-$175 shipped

Brand new GHL Slave 4 head doser-$350 shipped
Brand new Bubble Magus T2- $120 shipped
Brand new Bubble Magus T2 with bracket-$ 135 shipped
Brand new Kaomer F4-$300 shipped
Used Eshopps 5.0 dosing container-$60 picked up


Brand new Tank boss ATO single float-$40 shipped

Brand new Aquamaxx Ozone, UPS300-$100 shipped
Brand new TLF Remag 4kg-$40 picked up
Brand new Mag float 510A xl acrylic magnet cleaner-$150 shipped
Brand new Aquamaxx 200 micron 7" 10 pack of filter socks-$40 shipped
Brand new Delta 120 canister filter-$120 shipped
Brand new set of analog and digital timers-$20 shipped
Brand new Tunze Controlled power socket 7070.120-$50 shipped

Brand new Fusion 20G stand APS black open-$180 shipped
Brand new Korallin Zeo spur 2 1000ml bottle- $100shipped 2 available
Brand new Korallin Zeo start 3 250ML bottle-$25 Shipped, 3 available
Brand new Aquamaxx FSH-4D, 4" filter sock holder- multiple available, discounts on multiple $20 shipped
Brand new Auto Aqua Qshooter-$100 shipped
Brand new Santa Monica hog 3-$220 shipped
Brand new 4kg seachem strontium powder formula-$20 picked up.
Brand new box of 23lbs of bio balls-$80 picked up

Brand new Lifeguard Cyrstal 45 degree 9.6 gallon-$50 picked up
Brand new Lifeguard Aquatics Full view 7 Gallon-$40 picked up

Caribsea Reef sand 20lb bag-$15 each picked up
Ocean direct 20lb bag-$20 picked up
Ocean direct 40lb bag-$35 picked up
Arm Coarse calcium reactor media 8lb-$20 picked up
TLF Reborn fine Calcium media-$20 picked up
TLF ReMag 4KG lg size-$40 picked up

Aquamaxx dry live rock-$2 per pound, I pick the rock for you.

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