Experience for those of you who switched from Refugium to ATS?

Oct 14, 2007
Hi - wondering for those who used to run refugiums and have switched to an Algae Turf Scrubber (ATS)... if you have any tips on the transition?

I've been wanting to switch to a RAIN2/RAIN4 from Santa Monica Filtration primarily due to ability to be submerged in sump when return pump is off, and limited space in my system. Just waiting to pull the trigger after some research and input. I currently have a ~45-50 gallon total water volume system, with a healthy refugium stocked with Chaeto and pods using a Kessil H380. Chaeto seems to be doing well, but I've wanted to adjust to a more efficient nutrient export system since I've found Chaeto to be quite messy when pruning, getting everywhere in pumps, main display, etc.

A few specific questions:
- Did you do it instantaneously (i.e. pull the chaeto out, plop in the ATS and call it a day)?
- If you went through a transition period, what was your routine and how did it go?
- What would you recommend to "keep an eye out for" during the transition?

Thanks in advance for the help!