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Jan 14, 2008
Long Beach
Non-Commercial / Non-Sponsor “Sale” Threads or Posts:

1. Members must have at least 30 post before selling on the forum. (Meaningful Post does not mean bumping threads with simple comments like "Nice tank". It means contributing something knowledgeable or an experience that will benefit other members of the community.

2. Member accounts must be active 60 days before posting "sale" threads on the forum.

3. Each member, including supporters, may have no more then 2 “Sale” threads a month. (PLEASE, NO CONTINUOUS ITEM ADDING TO EXISTING THREADS AFTER THE THREAD HAS BEEN POSTED)

4. All "sale" threads should have pictures of the items for sale including livestock threads.

5. Please include a clear and decisive description of the items for sale and their condition.

6. Please state location and if shipping is available.

7. Competitive sales against sponsors current sales, post or promotions are not allowed. (i.e. telling other member you have one you will sell for cheaper. Including sending private messages ect).

8. The sale of Illegal items is not to be made or discussed.

9. Please try to Reply within 24hr to questions and concerns about your sale.

10. Please reply to questions and PMs in the order you received them.

11. Please be on time and available when you say you will be.

12. No spamming of your "sale" thread(s) in the forum or chatbox. Feel free tell other members about your sale(s) if there is a need but please do not spam.

13. Failure to comply with the “Sale” thread rules will result in a member account restriction; you will not be allowed to continue to sell on the forum.
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