SCMAS June 21st Meeting

Jan 23, 2011
Yucaipa 92399
Our June 21st meeting will be held at: 7:00 p.m.

Where: IHOP, 1001 E 17th St, Santa Ana CA 92701-2546

This month we plan to have a guest speaker on Mantis Shrimp. At this time we have not confirmed if the guest speaker will be presenting or not. If not, we will be having a round table discussion on the topic of "Algae: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!"

In addition, Eddie from CAD Lights will show off his newest pipeless skimmer featured recently on Reef Builders blog.

We will also be discussing our upcoming field trip, fish food workshop, and reef chemical group buy.

Remember, SCMAS meetings are always open to non-members. Feel free to bring frags and equipment for sale if you like. Just remember to post pictures so we can drool over them.

Aquarium clubs are a great way to connect with a fun group of people who share your passion for saltwater tanks.

We would love to have you join us.

As always, bring your questions and problems for discussion.
SCMAS members, don't forget to bring your water samples to have them tested for phosphate by Steve Garrett.

If you are interested in borrowing the PAR meter, please see Greg Fryling.
I would also like to add I will bring my Red Sea trace elements test kit and might be able to test two samples of tank water. It takes about an hour to test for potassium, iodine, and iron. So if I have time to test 2 samples I will. But will test 1 sample for sure. All I will need is about a cup or two of ur tank water. So the first two people to pm me I will test ur samples.
Mar 2, 2010
Orange, CA
Eric this nudi thing is for the birds. I can either reimburse you or I'll order some on the group buy that's happening. I should have never ordered the smalls what a waste of time and money. Oh well.

Cool of you to test the water. I'll pm you but if theres someone else interested I don't mind being second in line.