Simple courtesy for seller, buyer and browser

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Jul 14, 2007
National City CA
For the Seller;

1, Please add your Location or Contact info in your Thread.
2, Don't forget the Price in Dollars.
3, Picture will be helpful
4, Please specify if you want FCFS, will hold and take down payment.
5, And if you will make arrangement to meet be there on the specified time

For the Buyer;

1, If the price is beyond your reach, please don't LOW BALL
2, Make sure when you say that you will pick up Please do so
3, Make sure about the time and day of the pick up and call first before you leave your house
4, Make sure to ask if the seller have a Bag or Container for the life stock and always make sure you bring bags or container just in case
5, Make sure you have extra Money for the unexpected

For the Browser

1, If you didn't like what you saw just keep it to your self.
2, If you think that the buyer is being over priced use the PM.
3, Do not bad mouth Seller or Buyer.
4, Do not post non related to the THREAD.

Happy Reefing
Not open for further replies.

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