Tank,stand,apex,radion xr15 gen 4 pro

Oct 6, 2015
long beach
F.s is a complete set up or will break down once i have certain buyers for some equipment. $1300$

Tank-Advanced acrylic tank. 20x20x12 with (2) 1"
drains and 1/2 return. Black back. $175$
$ o.b.o $

Radion xr 15 pro gen 4. Used for about a year. Also has the diffuser on it aswell.

Stand- metal stand 36x30x40 tall stand with leveling legs. Spray painted white and i also light holders that came with the stand that i never used. I spray painted the metal stand white but not the light mounts. $200$

Apex fushion wifi unit with the 3 probes and temp probe aswell. Everytning works as it should. Also a magnetic holder for the probes. Tank is up and running until this is sold. 650$ $ o.b.o $

Return pump sicce 4.0 60$

heaters 1 (125w).... 1 (300watt) both ehiems
30$ for both

Sump is a trigger emerald 26. 200$

Dj power switch with green switchs $20$

4 single t5 fixtures from hydroponics shop all bridged together so only 1 outlet needed for all 4 with ati bulbs and some extra bulbs aswell. $50$ for all

Fuge light from amazon works great.

Jbj ato with pump $60$

Salinity checker 15$

Acrylic box i used for anenomes 20$
20 gal petco tank used for r.o water. $15$

I may be forgetting some smaller things.
Buy it all for $1300$

Tank is still up and running. Buying as is meaning the tank and sump havent been cleaned, unless requested by buyer.


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