Too much stuff sale

Sep 2, 2008
909, CA
So i need to make some space to start my next project so i need to sell the below. Figured now is the best time to sell some stuff before i decide to set up another tank...... stupid hobby,

Reef Octopus BR-1000ss biopellet reactor
used for a month then took offline
selling for 200.00

24 x 24 x 24 Advanced Acrylics rimless tank
black back, 2 - 1"returns, curved edges, 1/2" acrylic, no scratches or haze
external overflow box
selling for 400.00

Reef Octopus XP-2000SSS skimmer
selling for 220.00

Your Choice Aquatics DC30 skimmer
Skimmer Pump :SP2400
Voltage/Power: 100-240V/60W
Air Intake: 2400L/H
Capacity: up to 1000 gallon
selling for 200.00

Reef Octopus XP 8000 cone
Dimensions: 24”x20.5”x38”
This needs the impeller as i broke it.
This is just the skimmer body, collection cup and lid (PUMP is usable but needs IMPELLER)
selling for 500.00

AquaC RX1 calcium reactor
upgraded to a SKIMZ and this has been sitting for a year collecting dust
selling for 180.00

will post pics tonight after work

open to trades for gopro hero8, decent sized coral (leathers , colts, kenyas ) . not really in to name brand / LE stuff or a reef octopus KS150 or reef octopus LR200 or a good ozone generator
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