Trades - Jedi Mind, Red Cap, ORA Kelly Psammacora (Retired) - Encino

Jan 20, 2008
Hey Guys,

I want to swap some stuff and get some new things to grow out. I have chunks of ORA Jedi Mind Trick, Chunks to Colonies of a Bright Red (metallic) Cap, and the small to med colonies of the ORA Kelly Psammacora that has been retired.

I will not sell!

I will trade. For anything I don't have. Just not for tiny frags, needs to be something that my fat fingers can actually pickup and large enough it won't fall through egg crate.

Looking for SPS, Zoas, just fricking corals -- You know I ain't picky.

These corals are all good colored, the photos were shot in the outdoor tanks in the morning. None of these are brown. And the Psammacora is a stunning metallic green when under tank lightings --- THink of the old school Green Slimer metallic green.

Located in Encino -

This is the Jedi in the tank - Colors are pretty awesome.

I have a trial starting in a week, after that I will be unavailable for 2 - 3 weeks. If you want some of these come see me ASAP. I won't be running out of corals. I am working from home the next week, so I am available during the day or evenings.

Dave B