Wholesale Market Visits (exclusive opportunity)

The Plug

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Feb 7, 2020
Hello everyone. I’ve been a long time member on a couple other boards, figured I would drop in here and say howdy!

I’ve been called a coral and fish plug for years. I’ve helped many many people gain access to many of the wholesale warehouses here in the LAX area and helping people enjoy their hobby without the punch to their pockets.

Coral, fish, dry goods... Everything that you see at your LFS I can guarantee has come from one of these locations that I’m visiting.

Anyways, I usually visit the markets on Mondays so if anyone is interested in joining, feel free to PM me and I’ll send you some info to link up and get your hands wet! This mostly benefits those setting up new DT’s or those who are interested in finding the loophole between your home and the LFS. There is always a minimum amount that must be spent and visits are exclusive so spots are minimum but shoot me a PM and I wouldn’t mind sending you more info.

I am ABSOLUTELY NOT selling anything. Just letting everyone know that I have access and spots are limited. Looking forward to making some new friends! Hope to see some of you join and share your experience!

Happy Reefing!

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