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Interested in goni

Are you ever in Santa Monica or even at Harry’s marine life or Ellis Aquatics?
Nice meeting you . Amazing great pieces Thank you again!. Beautiful corals ! I would buy again 100%
$1200 for LR, corals and fish.
100+ lbs live rock

8 - Lyretail Anthias, 2 male, 6 femalele
Yellow tang
blue/green chromi
diamondback watchman goby
Hello...i saw your post and see you need help. What kinda help do you need and what equipment are you looking at getting? My name is Jesse btw. You can text me at 3237128554.
Hi Dan,
I have a large, chucky and encrusted frag of TGC Acrolandia. It was cut a couple months ago.
I can also cut a large frag of the SCOP.
Let me know if you're interested and I take some photos.
Hey Jose,

is there still room for me on the Flavor Parade ? I can zelle you now. Let me know the name and number. Thanks.
2 spots left. Add your name to the list in the thread and message me and I’ll give you my #
hey bro, I have the raja rampage, psycho rim ready to go if you still need it. Ultron color not doing so great so holding off on that.

I’ll take the
Bounce $300
Digitata $30
Setosa $5
Lmk can PayPal now and pick Friday.
I’ll be in Torrance i Friday morning.
Interested in the radions, can you give me a bit more info on them? Are you the 1st owner? What intensity did you run them at? Manufacturing date?
James, I do have a small 5" x 3" orange setosa colony. Let me know if you're interested. $50 for you. Again, here is my number : 626 899 5773
Hi I am contacting you about your Redsea 450 what are you asking for the whole setup
I’m looking to get around 5 grand for the setup including livestock. Best offer so far has been 2500. I’m not in a rush to get rid of it, but I would like to sell it as a whole set up and not part it out. I’ve gotten 35 messages asking for individual parts or fish.