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Hey, could I get some photos and also do you know how much it would cost to ship becasue we are close.
Hi, I am interested in the OG Bounce if it is still available. Please text me at (714) 599-1195
I am interested in group buy order from OC if you can put this together. Lmk and I will let you know what I want or need. Thanks, John
interested in the gongi,
here is my cell number
714-618-8162 - my name is Ted
So you have two chillers for sale? But which one is which price?
DBA-075 1/10HP
DBM-250 1/3HP
I may interested as I'm setting up a tank later this week.
Jerry Williams
Jerry Williams
Yes, I have two. I just hadn't got around to posting the DBM-250. The price on the DBA-075 is as posted $450.00. The DBM-250 I bought from a fellow reefer and it is in very good condition too. I'm asking $500 for it.
I have a 35 3/4 x 15 3/4 x 16H if interested please text me for pictures 714 769 0904 thanks, Loc
forgot to add to the list .... I also have RC poison ivy, oregon tort and pink floyed
I have RRC pink caddi, sunset mili, asd rainbow milli, ora pearlberry, pc rainbow, palletta pink tipped, wwc snowdrop ... anyway, let me know. Thanks.

ps: if you don't see what you want, would you be interested in selling your frag ? If so, how much ?