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  1. BgFish

    Captain jerk paly and green/teal paly colonies

    These are over a year old- each is a good size colony. About the size of a soft ball. $50 OBO for captain jerks $25 OBO for green/teal pick up in gardena. Trade for corals welcome. these are great beginner corals, easy to grow. Does not demand high light but can grow in high or low light.
  2. BgFish

    Tank for sale

    $500 for everything? Or best offer. This Tank is in really good shape. Just needs a new home
  3. BgFish

    Apex Jr FS

    Yeah I might lol. Pm me.
  4. BgFish

    Apex Jr FS

    I would prefer to sell it together. Sorry
  5. BgFish

    Tank for sale

    price drop $600 for everything $500 without lights.
  6. BgFish

    Tank for sale

  7. BgFish

    Apex Jr FS

    Price drop $135
  8. BgFish

    Tank for sale

    Open to offers and/or feedback.
  9. BgFish

    Looking for Marine Beta

    I was in South Bay aquariums recently and Grace had one in her front tank for sale (with the nems) dont quote me but I think she was asking $80. South Bay aquarium - Redondo beach Blvd is Gardena- next to target.
  10. BgFish

    Ai controller

    L lmfao sorry. I messed this all up. I’m just going to stay out of it 🤣🤣🤣
  11. BgFish

    Tank for sale

    Yes acrylic. In great shape. There’s some minor marks of old coraline algae on the back- but should easily clean off with vinegar or citric acid. Other then that the tank it’s self is in great shape. I see No scratches
  12. BgFish

    Ai controller

    Sorry c-los. Didn’t mean to increase the price lol. pirate: $100 is slightly high I think lol. Comeon’ lol. give him a good deal! Help a fellow reefer out 😂.
  13. BgFish

    Tank for sale

    This was all purchased new towards the end of 2016. Used for about 1 year- Tank is a acrylic clear for life 65 gal with a center over flow. no scratches- well cared for. Has Acrylic lids for all openings in top as well. Tank and stand was purchased new from Aquatic Fantasy. has a eshops sump...
  14. BgFish

    Ai controller
  15. BgFish

    Apex Jr FS

    Apex Jr. $150- 90247 $150 located in gardena 90247
  16. BgFish

    Equipment sale

    How much for the apex? Which model is it?
  17. BgFish

    WTB apex PM1 and PH probe.

    Just got a apex JR from a friend. I want to add PH and Salinity probes. If anyone has PM1 and/or PM2 with probes for sale please let me know. Sale or trade -
  18. BgFish


    I have mine: #1 is just after membrane- before DI #2 is in between two DI #3 is as it’s after everything. I get about 20 TDS on #1 About 4-6 at #2 And 0 and #3. Sounds like your may be wired backwards. Doesn’t really matter as long as you know what’s what lol.
  19. BgFish

    Will pay someone to frag my acan colony

    Yes- go to Ellis Aquatics. Great stuff there too! Great prices! Good luck and happy reefing!
  20. BgFish


    Springer damsels eat flat worms too. Flat worm exit is good just follow directions closely. Have carbon on hand