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    Assorted Zoas

    $10 per plug of zoas.
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    Holy Grail Micro, Beauty and the beast mini colonies, Spicy Lemon Favia (Garden Grove)

    Holy grail micro $200 per frag Beauty and the beast mini colonies, $75 each Spicy lemon favias $5 Large green polyp leather, pissed from being moved and in the shade. $60
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    Some Zoas, leather coral, and monti

    All sold
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    Reef Octopus Octopulse 4 (3 units)

    1 is brand new in box. $220 2 are used but in perfect working condition. $180 each Located in Garden Grove, 92843
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    Ecotech Radion XR30 Gen3 Pro (5 units)

    I have 5 used, but in good condition radion xr30 gen3 pros for sale. All are working without issue. $350 each shipped. Deals available for multiple units. $325 Pickup also available in Southern California, Garden Grove, 92843.
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    sold thanks!

    Just caught with my fish trap. Getting too big for my tank. Nice fat and healthy blue hippo tang. about 5” and eats everything. Frozen, pellets, nori, flake, etc pick up in garden grove 92843 $50 or trade for coral.
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    Torches, Hammers, Cyphastrea, Chalice, Favia, Montis, SPS, Blastos (Garden Grove, 92843)

    First come first serve. Located in Garden Grove, 92843 A - Alien Pox Cyphastrea $20 - A1SOLD A2SOLD A3SOLD A4 A5 B - Bizzaro Cyphastrea $20 - B1SOLD, B2, B3, B4, B5 C - Mystic Sunset Monti $10 - C1, C2SOLD, C3, C4, C5 D - BigR Freak Nasty Monti $25 - D1, D2SOLD, D3, D4SOLD, D5SOLD $40 -...
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    Torch, Hammers, HG Micro, Miyagi Tort, Space Invader Pectinia, Forest Fire Digi, Birdsnest, BigR Freak Nasty Monti, Mystic Sunset(Garden Grove, 92843)

    FCFS - Paypal to hold A - BigR Freak Nasty Monti $25 each - A1SOLD, A2SOLD, A3SOLD B - Forest Fire Digi $25 each - B1, B2, B3 $20 each - B4, B5 $15 each - B6, B7 C - ORA Neon Green Birdsnest $20 - C1 $10 - C2 D - Mystic Sunset Monti $10 Each - D1SOLD, D2SOLD, D3SOLD, D4SOLD, D5SOLD E -CB...
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    Unloading some more zoa mini colonies (Garden Grove 92843)

    FIRST COME FIRST SERVE SOLD King Midas SOLD Gatorade $SOLD Tyree Orange Rainbows $20 Tyree Orange RainboW SOLD Tyree Orange Rainbows SOLD Alien Anti Venom $30 Alien Anti Venom SOLD Rainbow Raptors $SOLD Gob Stoppers SOLD Sunny D $SOLD Yellow Brick Road $SOLD Yellow Brick...
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    Zoa Mini Colonies - Garden Grove 92843

    Everything has been sold, but if you see something you like, let me know. I have more frags of just about everything. First come first serve, trying to clear out this tank. $SOLD - Mixed Scrambled eggs, tyree orange rainbows, gobstoppers, rainbow raptors, AAV $SOLD- Mixed Purple Montser...
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    SPS and Zoas in Garden Grove 92843

    FCFS - Paypal to hold A - JF Special Porities $10 each A1, A2SOLD, A3 A4SOLD, A5 B - Mystic Sunset Monti $10 each - B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6SOLD B7 B8 B9 B10SOLD C - Bubblegum Digi $20 Each - C1SOLD C2SOLD C3SOLD D - Miyagi Tort $10 each - D1SOLD D2SOLD D3 D4 E - Forest Fire Digi $10 each -...
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    Ai Hydra 26 HMS Single Mount +T5 Retrofit

    all sold
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    Ecotech Radion XR30 Diffusers (5), TIR Lens (4), Reeflink (1) - Located in Garden Grove

    Shipping available as well. I have some extra ecotech items for sale. $SOLD - XR30 Diffuser $20 each pair - TIR Lens (4 Available) $SOLD- Reeflink (power cable not pictured, but included)
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    Zoas, Montis, and Enchinita (Garden Grove, 92843)

    FCFS Paypal to Hold $30 shipping to CA $50 shipping outside of CA A - CB Flaming Pheonix Monti ALL SOLD A1SOLD A2SOLD A3SOLD A4SOLD A5SOLD A6SOLD B - BigR Freak Nasty Monti ALL SOLD A1SOLD B2SOLD B3SOLD ALL SOLD B4SOLD B9SOLD B10SOLD $20 B5 B6 B7 B8 Flamin Pheonix Mother Freak Nasty Mother
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    $5 and $10 frags. Garden grove 92843

    FCFS Located in garden grove $5 or free with other purchase Red monti cap Ora green birds nest $10 Mystic sunset (sold out) Tyree orange rainbows (1 frag left) Devils armor (1 frag left) Rainbow incinerators (sold out) Lord of the rings (sold out) Gobstoppers (4 frags left)
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    Oompa Loompa, Bowser, Blue Hornet, Pink Diamons, Purple Monster, Krak God, Superstars, Butt Kissers, Space Chaos, Nirvana, Butt Munchers, Magician

    Located in Garden Grove 92843 Will make trades as well. CB Krak God $200 2p WWC Superstar $150 10p $25 1p $40 2p Nirvana $25 3p $30 4p Bowser $SOLD 1p $50 3p Butt Kisser $50 2p Magicians $SOLD 2p $20 3p Puprple Monster $10 2p $20 3p +3 babies Butt Muncher $SOLD 1p + 4 babies $SOLD 2p +...
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    Ecotech Reef Link $50

    For sale is a good working condition ecotech reef link. $50 picked up or $60 shipped. Or will trade for coral. (something of equal or greater value) Located in Garden Grove 92843