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  1. Emac909

    Free corals frags and pizza (sps and softies)

    Free coral frags with a small donation of an hour of your time. I need a few hands to hold panels and help set panels on an aquarium I’m re-building. I found out yesterday that the miss and kids aren’t really strong enough to help or there just lazy (I’m bettin lazy [emoji6]) Location is in...
  2. Emac909

    eMac’s 187g Lee-Mar tank rebuild

    So I got a really good deal on a 187g lee-mar. But sometimes things look better then they appear. After cleaning the tank up a bit I started noticing so minor flaws in the silicone bead. So after a lot of elbow grease and cleans the coraline algae off the 3 starphire side I noticed theat...
  3. Emac909

    200g+ bin

    Does anyone have a 200g to 300g Rubbermaid or tomato bin that I can barrow or rent for a month or so? I’m not feel comfortable with my 150g tank not being level and would like to setup a temp holding bin tell I get me upgrade ready.
  4. Emac909

    Thoughts and recommendations on overflow box

    I’m in the works of doing an upgrade from my 150g to a 187g. Unfortunately the stand on my 150 is made of particleboard and master flex tube split about a month back. I tried everything I could to dry the wood before damage occurred, fans, blowers, space heater… but unfortunately the stand is...
  5. Emac909

    SPS frags (location 92571)

    Sps for sale. Location is perris ca 92571 ARC fireworks $40 PC rainbow $30 ORA frogskin $10 ASD rainbow mili $30 Green Slimmer $10 Blue tip green stag $10 SB very berry granulosa $50 JF tierra del fuego $50
  6. Emac909

    Apex 0-10v DIY question

    DIY question for 0-10v port Ok so I’d like to know if one port can control 2 meanwell divers? So I’m planning on running my 0-10v ports like this -base_Var1 for blue LEDs -base_Var2 for white LEDs -base_Var3 for forward gyre -base_Var4 for reverse gyre I have 3 drivers for the LEDs one...
  7. Emac909

    Interesting APEX observation. Let’s get some thoughts…

    Let’s see if anyone has dealt with something similar to this. So starting at 6am Sunday morning most of the power usage alarms on both my eb832’s started throwing off alarms. All the outlets are showing high wattage alarms. All the outlets are constant wattage items like a calcium reactor...
  8. Emac909

    Facebook scams

    Here’s a reason why the rules here should be enforced The reason the rules are in place on these boards are to protect other members. I know that Facebook has become a bigger platform for reefers these days. But I say why look at the shit that happens there. All you see is scammers. In the...
  9. Emac909

    Pro maxima standing Calf raise machine

    Anyone looking to purchase any exercise equipment Looking to unload a calf raise machine asking $350 Location is in perris ca 92571. Willing to deliver for a small fuel fee.
  10. Emac909

    Diy BOB

    I know this has been done but just doing it with my twist. I’m using push bottom toggle ports like this They cost about $1.50 in eBay for a 2 pack. I bought 8 cause I’m making 4 BOBs Then got a 6’ mini DIN 8 cable off Amazon for about $10 for 2 cables. Cutting them in half to make 3’ cables...
  11. Emac909


    Accidentally ordered the wrong size of rowaphos and it will take me years to go through a 5kg bucket of gfo. So I made 400g bags for $15 bucks. Its a bit over 2 full cups, but I did weigh the bags out. I’m located in perris ca 92571 but do drive to San Diego, Buena Park, Torrance, Laguna, San...
  12. Emac909

    FS: 75G leemar euro brace tank

    FS 75g tank and stand $550 Tank is 36”X24”X20t” 3 sided starphire, built in overflow, pvc bottom, a few scratches along bottom Stand is 36”X24”X44” made from 1.5” tube steel and has adjustable feet for leaving Don’t have pictures of tank yet as I pick it up tomorrow. Post edited it’s not 90g...
  13. Emac909

    ISO Neptune PM1 or PM2

    As title states in search of a pm1 or pm2
  14. Emac909


    Finally got these b****s out of my tank. They have been murdering sps like crazy. One has to go. So selling the smaller one for $40 firm Pick up in perris ca 92571 I’m in no rush to sale cause if it doesn’t sell it’s going in a new setup I’m working on
  15. Emac909

    GI: Granite Slab

    Hi guys/gals I don’t know how to price this or really how to sell this. But I got a frag tank today. The tank came with a metal stand that has a granite slab for the tank to set on. This slab really doesn’t fit with the style of my display tank so I planning not to use the slab. The Granite...
  16. Emac909

    Free aiptaisa eating filefish (non reef safe)

    Got this guy about 5 months back. Now that the aiptaisas in my tank are gone he’s started eating zoa,s and maybe lps (not sure on lps, but all the lps in the tank look like junk) but I have cause him munching on zoas. Free in 92571, perris ca
  17. Emac909

    dc24 to bare wire accessory cable

    Any one know if any shop in oc or ie area has at least 4 dc24 to bare wire accessory cable in stock? Looking to redo my control panel tomorrow and would like to get these now
  18. Emac909

    Forest fire digi $10

    Fish broke of 2” piece of FFD don’t want it to buried in the sand. Location is perris ca 92571 Oops forgot pic
  19. Emac909

    Nems & GSP

    Let’s try this again I have 2 RBTA I need to get rid of. Free 1 per-person Pickup in 92571
  20. Emac909

    Removed by poster

    Bla bla bla