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    Custom Canopy for RedSea 525XL

    I have this one custom made (nicely wrapped) a few months ago but decided i don't need it anymore. It's real wood and great quality. Letting go for $80. Local pick up only 92618.
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    tank raised zoas, acros, frogspawn, leather for sale.. Irvine pickup

    Hey fellow reefers! I've got some frags ready to go. Prices are indicated on the pictures. I hated buying corals from online where the photos are extremely edited, only to be disappointed with the actual shipment.. All my photos are taken directly on my camera without post edit. Feel free to DM...
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    Help with my donut coral!

    Hi my fellow reefers! I got this nice donut a few days ago from a shipment.. It puffs up nicely but only has this one part of the skeleton that now has algae on it. It is eating normally. Is there anything I need to do to make sure it grows over the algae? Or should i attempt to get rid of the...
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    uper sale -Monti, Acro, Space invader,trachy for sale - local pick up only SoCal 92618

    Hi everyone! I'm not sure why it took me so long to find this forum.. but excited that I have! I have been in the hobby for over a year now. Started from a 32g bio cube now to the Red Sea 525XL reefer series at about 140g. Here are some of my tank pics and the stuff i have to make room. Enjoy...