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  1. jkinros

    Lets see if this works

    This is my tank now... Hope this works.
  2. jkinros

    how close is too close and why???

    i have a 40 gal mixed reef and got bit by the fuzzy stick bug at the start of this year. everything is doing great and are growing well. here's the catch... i tried to cram a ton of frags into such a small tank. most of them are about 2inches away from the next one. i may have gone overboard. i...
  3. jkinros

    best way to get rid of tiny nems???

    need some advise... i have this ugly brown tiny anemone that came from some frag i got, didn't notice him till he was on the move. now he's going straight for my favia colony!!!! WHAT DO I DO TO KILL THIS THIG???? is my favia is going to get F'ed up? PLEASE HELP NEED ADVISE THANKS
  4. jkinros

    Nudi problems for the pros

    First off I'd like to thank everyone in advance for any advice you can give. I need your help! I must have messed up or overlooked something when I upgraded to a 40g, but its been 4 months now and I thought I had fixed the nudi problem from the old tank. Every piece was dipped and rinsed...
  5. jkinros

    Need to clear out garage

    Want to trade or first $200obo takes a 4pc Ground Design black widow body kit for 97+ Prelude. Need to get them out of the garage and would like to trade for corals for my tank. Located on 17th and Tustin off the 55 email me @ hit me up 714-720-0717 thanks
  6. jkinros

    40g reg Lighting Options?

    Hey guys, need a little bit of help, kinda new and would like to get all your opinions. I just recently upgraded to a 40g reg 36x15x17 or something like that, its a standard 40 by Leemar. I have and outer orbit fixture with 150hqi 14k and 2x96 pc that I'm running right now. Everything is doing...
  7. jkinros

    Have you seen this zoa...?

    I just came back from a lfs with this guy. I got the colony for these weird zoas with the green skirt with gold flecks. Has anyone seen something like this? Does it have a weird name or can I make up something cool? 2x65 PC Flash
  8. jkinros

    New in Santa Ana

    My name is Joaquin. Live in Santa Ana. Got back into the reef keeping after around a decade of being out. A lot of things change in a few years, I guess. Well, I hope to get to know most of you all so I can learn the right way. I just figured out you guys like pictures. Hopethis works. My...